3.1.5 - Aspects & 2FA Fixes

Hey guys. This week has been very long for us, from 2fa problems to DDoSers, to continued cracking attempts, we've had our hands full.  In between this and full time jobs, it's been a lot, but the teams working hard and making great progress. We're still doing our best to produce content, and we expect it to ramp up shortly.

In between all of this, we've been redefining our workflow and saying goodbye to the more inactive members of our staff.  We've also finalized our new community ruleset. Expect a "state of the nation" post in the next few days concerning both of those. We will also address some of the questions in the community, as the original content roadmap is now very obsolete due to a myriad of circumstances and we definitely owe you some answers. We're also making very heavy changes to our Content Team - which will be discussed and explained as well. We'll also touch on some subjects like, 'What's going on with Christmas Prizes", "When is the next balance update", as well as some of our long-term staffing and philosophy changes to help Valor succeed.  

Sorry for the ramble! Patchnotes below.

2FA Rewrite

  • We were alerted to security concerns with our 2FA system, and have re-written it. We now use a token based system behind the scenes, where we generate a secure token/authorization.
  • Due to this - while we scale and test this system, 2FA will log you out every 24h. We will extend and refine this token system very quickly (E.g a way to extend without logout, but not compromise security). This was a large investment in backend security changes, and was pretty complex. So hats off to Slender.

Car Pack

  • This Pack is now live in the Nexus for 1200 Kantos.
  • Contains: Three emotes, :arccar:, :copcar:, :racecar:, Police Ninja Skin, Warrior Racer Skin, and both a police and race car pet. (Will be images in #donations shortly.)
  • The induvial car pets will become available in the nexus over the week.

PlayTime Tracking

  • We have implemented a very rough /playtime command, that tracks your total playtime since implementation. We started behind the scenes tracking at the beginning of the month.
  • This command is currently only available for Premium and above. It  will format your total play into days, hours, minutes, etc accordingly.

Note: Due to the fact we are testing this tracking with Donators, we expect to make several changes before any sort of public system is launched. This could result in a reset of PlayTime Tracking.

Aspect Rewrite

  • New aspect, Aspect of the Perma Frost, drops from Frozen Alert.
  • New aspect, Luck of the Seven Seas,  from the Kraken Alert.

The Goal of Aspects v2 is to Rewards styles of play, to add a system rather than a stat for what the player is choosing to do.

We've tried to vet these new aspects as well as possible, but do expect bugs to occur. Please report them via tickets, and we'll be on top of them ASAP.

Aspect of Support
+60 Maximum HP, +60 Maximum MP
+10 Vitality, +10 Wisdom

Aspect of Utility
+80 Maximum Mana
+8 Defense, +8 Speed

Aspect of Power
+50 Maximum HP
+5 Attack, +5 Dexterity

Aspect of Vamps (Offensive)
+1 Life Steal
+1 Mana Leech
Consuming HP/MP Potions doubles Life Steal/Mana Leech for 3 Seconds
You no longer regenerate HP/MP from Potions
Heals from Other Players are 66% Less Effective

Aspect of Stheno (Defensive)
+25% Dodge
Lose 1% Dodge for every 10 Defense you have

Aspect of the Fallen (Offensive)
All Abilities now have a Global Cooldown of 2 Seconds
After you use an Ability, Gain +5 Attack or +5 Dexterity for 10 Seconds

Aspect of Garutious (Offensive)

  • Disabled.

Aspect of Crystal (Defensive)
If you have not been hit within the past 8 Seconds, Recover 12% of your Maximum HP & MP

Aspect of Baast (Defensive)
When you are afflicted by a Debuff, Gain Immunity to it for 30 Seconds

Aspect of Yazanahar (Offensive) (In full transparency, this might see changes very quicly.)
Crit Chance now Caps at 20%
Critical Hits now have a Chance to “Mega Crit" based on your Luck above 200
Mega Crits Scale with Might as 2.25x Multiplier of Might (2.75x With Bravery)

Aspect of Drannol (Offensive)
Gain 4% RoF & 4% Damage for each Debuff you are afflicted by
Increase Duration of Debuffs by 33%

Aspect of Aldragine (Utility)
Gain 8% of Your Ability’s Mana Cost as Wisdom for 10 Seconds
Grants Empowered Immunity

Aspect of Gargoyle (Defensive)
Grants Armor Break Immunity
When you Stand Still for 5 Seconds, Gain Armored, Healing, and Paralyze Immunity

Aspect of Oryx (Offensive)
Deal 15% More Damage to Bosses
Deal 40% Less to Normal Enemies

Aspect of Shrek (Utility)
Gain +4% in a Stat Randomly 8 Times

Aspect of Terradius (Defensive)

Aspect of Permafrost (Defensive)
Your Luck now Grants a Chance to Critically Defend
Critical Defends scale your Defense by 1/8th your Crit Multiplier added on
Crit Multiplier is 33% Less Effective

Aspect of the Seven Seas (Utility)
When a Boss dies, Roll a D20, and gain/lose LB depending on outcome, print text in chat for your roll, print in chat for everyone if you hit a 1 or 20.


  • Bunch of Tooltip cleanups.
  • Slight changes to nexus tiles and objects.
  • Slight buff to UT/FB/LG turrets across the board.
  • Frozen Island Alert now has the new alert changes from the past few updates.
  • Slightly reduce Toxic Troll Grenade dmg and reduce invuln phases.
  • Fixed a problem with 16x16 inv objects not sizing properly and being hard to click.
  • Fixed T4-T6 Tooltips on Turrets. Displayed a lower damage amount than they actually do.
  • Slightly increased drop rate of LGs from alerts.
  • Little bit of work on making pets follow closer. (Will do some more work on this.)
  • Hopefully fix poofing items in Shiny Bags. Also slightly increased the chance of U-Caches.
  • Also significantly reduce the chance of the Shiny bag reducing to Hoarder.
  • More error fixes. (Hopefully no more crashes?)
  • Guild rewards are closed.
  • Resized some 16x16 and 8x8 pets to be less obnoxious. (MVPs - keep those sizes down in raids, or we'll have to restrict it for visual clarity.)
  • Gravestones have been reverted to the non-christmas theme, with a few misc changes. Might see more slight improvements for clarity. (Thanks Shiff.)
  • Addressed a connection bug with cemetery.

Note on Trial Shop & Eboxes from Trials: We're still experiencing an issue with both shop ticking & an ebox problem. Due to the 2FA + DDoS this was delayed. Hoping to see it either mid-week or next update. Thanks for understanding.