3.1.2 Update

3.1.2 Update


Super happy to roll this update out.

Map Reworks

Hey! Tons of new maps in this one. We've got a new nexus, which is a little bit of a spring theme, as well as trying out a little more compact style. We've also put in some cool Valor statues, thanks Shiff.

  • New 1st map for both Ultra & Regular Zol Maps. We've added a 2nd switch, and also added more strategically postioned mobs, to counterract that the amount of tiles travelled overall is much shorter, and the path leads all players to the end.
  • Ulgur has a new map, and should be slightly more "aesthetic". Thanks eskee!


  • More client optimizations to hopefully decrease memory leaks. This is an ongoing issue, but we're making steady but slow progress. Seb's grinding through it. :P
  • A lot of work on rendering, blocksight, and tiling. We've been testing this, and it's much lighter on our servers.
  • We've done a lot of work on priority, and networking to hopefully make large instances smoother.
  • We're now loading two "LogicTickers" at start, with the ability to hotswap between them as we continue to find the best methods. Great work by Slendergo, for all three of those.
  • Upping servers slots overall.

Pack Rat Bags

  • Pack Rat Bags were designed to be fun augments to the game while you ran ascended, as an ownage to a very old bug, "Killed by Pack Rat". In this day and age, they give way too much loot and resources to a small tier of players, that even they have agreed is too much. In this vein, pack rat bags are now soulbound and stack up to 7. Once up to 7, they may be double-clicked for a scroll, misc reward or a mid-game dungeon key. This is in line with our goal to diversify the content run, as ascends were #1 for both resources(gold/onrane) & item progression. We'll be continuing to diversifying content + crafting in further updates. See Realm Legendaries for more information.
  • These are now stackable, and show they're quanity of 1-6. Once stacked up to 7, they display as a full bag.

Realm Legendaries & Realm Changes

  • Made overall scaling adjustments across on the board to make the "realm" a little more fair. Stop prod events from being insta'd, while not stopping on a scaled garu. We've buffed up the majority of the prod events, as they now drop worthwhile LGs, and balanced them against current events.
  • 7 New LGs Introduced, dropping from various Realm Bosses!
    Including a New Light Armor, Robe, Lance, Trap, Seal, Tome and Blades!
    Dropping from Pentaract, Sphinx, Ent Ancients (And Vitalia at a Higher Rate), Garutious, Truvix, Gargoyle, and Avatar respectively!

Should be on wiki within a few hours!

Great work Garpo, Zema & TehEnd.

Premium Loot Box

  • Lowered the cost of this to 300 kantos.
  • Contents of the box are now displayed when hovering over it.
  • We've gone ahead and made these skins tradeable. This is because we would like to allow friends to trade dupes to friends, and if you wish you may purchase/trade a player for them. We'll get some uploads of the skins up soon. :)
Adventurer Skin (Assassin)
Automatic Artificer Skin (Mech)
Trolling Mystic Skin (Mystic)
Walking Bulb Skin
Cybernetic Commander Skin (Mech)
Cyber Master Skin (BM)
Cyber Mancer Skin (Necro)
Gold Valor Boost
Anniversay Effect Chip
Random Premium Effect Chip
Brain-0-Mac Generator (16X16)

Credit to BQ for most of this box.

Misc Changes

  • Helmet of Oryx is now a Fabled Tier Item, and no longer drops from 03. (Making room for something else???)
  • Updated no reroll list.
  • Introduce stacking tech. (Shoutout Seb)
  • We continue with some new resprites of some older items this week. (Great work Shmitty)
  • Dozen of small bugs patched.
  • We're running behind on Christmas Presents, but we do have one this week. All users who collected over 500 prizes should see a special Winter themed vault in their /mymaps selection.
  • Slightly lower set MP on 2-k set, and buff the hp gain.
  • Adjust tooltips and spelling mistakes across the board.
  • Adjust some drop rates for non dropping/missing items. Thanks Garpo.
  • Slightly nerf Toxic Troll Grenades as they were a little too strong for an alert.

Donators, make sure to log in tomorrow around this time to collect a special valentines reward! Meant to get it out today.

Balance Update & Aspect Rework soon?