3.1.6 - St. Patricks Update

St Patricks Day

End Date: Next Wed.
Purpose: This is a maxing + ascension event. Battle the Wandering Leprechaun for themed multi pots(acts as a potion for two stats) & collect F2P skins.

LS1 & LS2 reduced by 25% to 37.5k BF

The Wandering Leprechaun

  • Garden of CHaos - Granithia
  • Zol Cave - After Final Boss
  • Catacombs  - After Trid
  • Shatters - After Final Boss
  • Concealment of the Dreadnought
  • Gileons - After Final Boss
  • Elemental Rift - Urios
  • Draconis - The Ivory Wyvern

This wandering Leprechaun drops a variety of goodies:

Potions - Supplys a point in each stat!

Soda Bread - Life & Mana
Clover Cookie - Attack & defense
Shepherd's Pie - Speed & Dexterity
Potato Stew - Vitality & Wisdom
Stout Beer - Restoration & Protection
Green Stout - Luck & Might

Other Drops

Variety of small & large f2p clothes.
Misc Scrolls.
- Celtic Mystic
- Celtic Drak'Zix
- Celtic Knight
- Celtic Paladin
- Celtic Blademaster
- Celtic Spirithunter
A Pot Of Gold (Gold Consumable. On Wiki.)

Leprechaun's Pendant (Lootcrate. Open in nexus!)

- Celtic Mystic
- Celtic Drak'Zix
- Celtic Knight
- Celtic Paladin
- Celtic Blademaster
- Celtic Spirithunter
- Chance at A Pot Of Gold.
- Chance at Saint Patrick's Cross. (Limited time consumable. Is on Wiki.)

Other St Patricks Content

  • Yaza is sporting a festive hat this week!
  • Bloodstone is now a limited item called Golden Shamrock.

Pets (In Rotational Shop)

  • Flying Shamrock
  • Rolling Leprechaun

Misc Changes

  • Extend 2FA token expiry  to 3 days.
  • Introduce "Valor Announcements". This is four tiers of announcements, allowing different announcements to be sent to new players, regular players, donators and staff. We've begin demoing this with the 2FA announcements. We are planning to use it to tell new players helpful tips and tricks, without spamming established players.

Sprite / Art Changes

We're welcoming Bituloss to the team. He made the original skins for a lot of the Valor classes, and has learnt a lot since then! So welcome him back.

Resprited Abyssal Whip's Projectile. 
Recolored Grasp of Elysium
Resprited Grasp's Projectile. 
Resprited Merganus [Fallen Raid Final Boss]
Fixed Black Pixels in few Fallen Raid Minions [Warrior and Wizard] 
Resprited ET Experience - 
Resprited ET Experience's Projectile. 
Resprited Ieastorian Armor.
Fix Frozen Blades offset. (Thanks Shiff!)

Retouch [Samurai] character model.
Retouch [Spirithunter] character model.
Slight Change to [Blademaster] Color Mask
Changes -General- Lava Sprite (Hopefully reduce eye strain, and possible fps lag.)

Aspect Changes (BETA)

  • Fixed Misc bugs related to Aspects.
  • The two below are highly beta surge aspects - and will be subject to change based on player feedback and balance. These are very hard to code - so please just make tickets if you're having issues and we'll sort it ASAP.
  • Garu/Drannol now removes your protection bar when using the aspect for clarity.

Aspect of Garutious (Offensive) (SUBJECT TO CHANGE.)

  • You no longer have Protection.
  • Surge no longer decays.
  • Enemies no longer generate Surge.
  • When you take 50 or more Damage, Generate 5 Surge.
  • When you use an Ability, deplete surge and receive buffs for 3 Seconds depending on amount depleted.
  • 25 - Healing | 50 - Armored | 75 - Damaging | 100 - Invulnerable

Aspect of Terradius (Defensive)

  • Protection Shield now caps at 100, Surge now passively generates.
  • Prot stat increases the rate at which Surge is generated.
  • You no longer gain Surge from Enemies

Credits: Thanks to BQ for the skins! This is also our official welcome for Bituloss(did the rest of the sprites + resprites), Devwarlt and Zemagaia to our team. Replacing Zeus, Bottle & Shmitty.

Zemagaia is going to be working on some of our newer content, and has worked on older versions of Valor, so stay tuned.