3.1.7 - Community Suggestions & Wand Class Balancing

Wands, Scepters & Tomes were in some not fun places! We've done some work to balance them across the board.

The wiki should reflect this within the next few days. We're working on bringing on new editors to streamline this process.

The St. Patricks Event is over, but we'll see you in a few days for April Fools!

There will be a new non ascended dungeon next weekend.

The whole team worked super hard from Garpo to Bitu to Zema to Seb. Lots of working going on. :)

Valor Balance Log
Wands All tiered wands increased to current Prod Levels T13 100 - 140 Damage -> 145 - 180 Damage 1829 DpS -> 2033 DpS Crystal Wand: 75 - 95 Damage -> 80 - 115 Damage, 130% RoF 1152 DpS -> 1634 DpS Typhoon Wand: (Can now be upgraded with Essence to Hand of Zeus) 96 - 158 Damage -> 125 - 15...

2FA Rewards

  • Introduce a special prize for all users who enable 2FA. Use /staysafe to redeem the :2faenabled: emote.
  • If you have 2FA enabled, you can run /staysafe in game and recieve this emote.

St. Patricks Day

  • LS1 & LS2 return to 50k.
  • Bloodstone is back to normal.
  • Leprechaun will no longer spawn.

Packet Rewrite

  • This was a whole VIP test session, and we were super happy with the results. Slendergo wrote the way we query information to be much more efficient, and we've seen a lot of improvements.
  • On test we saw an improvement in hit registration, loading and this will help with any DDoS problems, as our network works more efficiently.

Huge credit to Slender.

Pack Rat Bags / Onrane Health

  • Rework Shiny Bags. Shiny Bags now function similiar to Onrane & Ultimate Onrane Caches. They now give 5, 8, 10, 11, 17 Onrane, and it is immediately consumed to the account.
  • Slightly pull back the amount of total Onrane Caches dropping from dungeons with purchasable keys to compensate with the above.

Loot Popups

At popular request, we've gone ahead and added two new loot popups! There's now a loot popup for both crafting materials and UT's. We trialed this out in VIP testing and got great reviews.

  • Add UT & CM loot popups.
  • All base tiers now have a loot popup.

Credit; TehEnd.

Chat Filter

  • We've introduced a minor chat filter to censor out the hard N words, and unneeded common phrases. This is not exhausitive and will see expansion over time. The only currently detected words are variation of fag, cunt, and various forms of the N word.

Announcement System

  • We've introduced a new ingame announcement system, in order to properly deliver useful information, which we've been BETAing this week to inform about DDoS.
  • There are four tiers of announcements: new players(less than 10 stars), regular player, donator and admin announcements.
  • New player announcements are tips and tricks to get started, where to find information.

Challenges & NotificationSquad

Note: These changes will not come online till the bot is updated. Which will take place after the update, and is actually part of a much larger Bot update by Orbit.

  • When launched Challenges now display in #raids-and-drops.
  • When it is 3/5 the bot will automatically ping NotificationSquad. (Will need to wait for bot update.)

Suggestions Implemented

  • myloot can also be used as /lb
  • /enclave and /ascensionhall (/as) are now commands.
  • Insignia error no longer says it goes to gift chest.
  • Insignias now say 5/5 instead of x2 4/5.
  • /crush 0 or /crush 4 now crushes all vials in your inventory.
  • /crush with no flags now shows the different options.
  • /rewards now displays the time left in hours and minutes.
  • Essence now has a separate color when dropping.

Misc Changes

  • Reduce the amount of minions Krov spawns.
  • Yazanahar aspect now working according to the aspect description. (Was bugging out.)
  • Fix MAJOR client & server crit multiplication issues. (We'll try to put out an explanation post on this and Yaza this week.)
  • Christmas Map prize should now be fully functioning.
  • Aspect of Terradius should now properly display in the guild hall.
  • TBD. (We're missing a bunch of misc fixes this week.)
  • Hand of Zeus is now an ess craft with Typhoon Wand.
  • Remove group speedy from Gilded Helm.
  • Add /basefame (A WIP fame calculating command. Thanks Cuckson.)
  • Dozens of hours of work on DDoS patches and mitigation - once we're in the clear expect a blog post about this too.
  • Yazanahar Dungeon no longer called Petrified Emporium.