3.2.2 - ItemData Milestone & Giggsman Takeover

Larry Giggsman is taking over!

We put a pausing on balancing this weekend. Expect to see Stave & Ninja balancing very soon. We paused balancing this for ItemData release - as it gives us a lot more possibilities and changes the game significantly.

We role out ItemData & the S.U.P.E.R human hideout today!

Super Human Hideout

Welcome to the S.U.P.E.R human hideout! This mostly functioning lair was used to create the original Larry Giggsman, the greatest hero to ever live! Battle your way through different Larry variants, until you reach the Ultimate Mutant Larry!

This Dungeon will drop from Larry Giggsman! (Two UTs two LGs.)



https://wiki.valorserver.com/en/weapon/Gradual_Incisor https://wiki.valorserver.com/en/abilities/Cryochamber https://wiki.valorserver.com/en/weapon/Encapsulator https://wiki.valorserver.com/en/weapon/Protosyphic_Launcher


ItemData - A Major Milestone

This is a major milestone for us and has taken several months of Sebafra's time. What this means is valor items are now unique, where before all items had to be the same. This will ALLOW us to do a lot of crazy things, and expect to see info about that soon. We're starting off small this week, but expect to see big things! Those who VIP tested should know.

Dropped By - This will automatically appear on all items when an LG or AR drops from now on!

Valor OST & Professional Music

Welcome XHack to the team! He's a super talented music composer who has been working with us for awhile to remaster a ton of music! He creates his own original OSTs. You can check out some of the works he's made for valor in either #showcase or ingame.

This is a really big deal for us - it allows us to add another element of depth to immersion, and we hope it helps. The Larry Giggsman Dungeon - nicknamed S.U.PE.R human hideout is one of our first dungeons to feature an original soundtrack!

Places with Remastered Music

  • Vault
  • Nexus
  • Enclave
  • Realm
  • Marketplace
  • S.U.P.E.R human hideout!

Drop Rates

  • Grandeur Shield & Zol Trident rates slightly reduced.
  • AR Cloak Rate slightly reduced.
  • ARs that have not dropped lately received a minor drop rate buff. We want them dropping once and awhile. This includes but is not limited to, poniard, clarent, vinelocker, lance, etc. Orb was not touched, nor were blades.

New Testing Tools & Bot Update

Bug Fixes / Misc Changes

  • Guild rewards are now disabled.
  • Fixed AR bag not displaying for all ARs.
  • Fixed Fabled bag not always displaying for fableds.
  • Disabled Guild Rewards.
  • Philosopher's Stone is fixed.
  • Desert Camel Generator now for sale for 750 Kantos. (Credit to BQ.)
  • When rerolling items - the chat message now displays the item you started with.
  • When you /pc an item - it will now only display the last ten items for performance reason.
  • Can't psummon into full worlds.
  • Pets are auto resized in raids.
  • /psize is disabled in raids.
  • Removed Jester Hat & Other April Fools Content. (Remind the Dev Team next week about your special popsicle blades if this applies.)
  • Added a "total loot boost" text when there is a donor boost. (/lb fix.)
  • Fixed tier 3 guild ess crafting cost.
  • Abilities that insta kill a mob were causing them not to drop loot in some cases. This is resolved.
  • Fixed some misc spelling mistakes + remove old event textures. (Yazanahar).