Valor 3.2.2 Hotfix - Abilities 2.0

Valor 3.2.2 Hotfix - Abilities 2.0

Hey Valorians!

Massive hotfix here!
This update is a change of pace compared to the last few updates.
Abilities in RotMG Private Servers have long been problematic. Not anymore! Not here!

We spent a lot of time on abilities and hit registration because as we attempt to offer more and more diverse build paths, it's essential that all abilities are detected, and shots hit reliably. Some of these bugs have existed for 4+ years across so many iterations. We're super happy to put them to a rest today. Huge shoutout to Orbit for the majority of the this update. He didn't rest until abilities were functioning.

We expect to this to change up the Β Meta, and we'll be monitoring for balance updates as things shape out.

Hit Registration

Hit Registration is how the term of for how well shoots and projectiles are actually detected and validated by the server. Valor has put a lot of work into hit registration (read: alot) but there is always room to improve. We focused on ability registration but had to make several improvements to projectiles as well.

  • Resolved a bug where Weapons with three or more shots, wouldn't detect hits accurately after the first two/three bullets. Now all bullets, no matter the shot count will detect.

Classes / Abilities

Knight, Archer, Wizard

  • Shields & Quivers should now detect properly. The above clip should outline the differences in detection as well as registration.
  • Quiver Paralyze now properly applies to mobs.
  • Spell Bombs will register much better, as well as effects will properly apply.


  • All traps show their real trap effect and not just "slowed". The induvial trap effects were working properly, but showed as "Slowed" no matter the effect.

Spirit Hunter

  • Can no longer target or damage itself.


  • Fix turret detection. Certain targeting angles wouldn't properly detect.


  • Full Protection now applies Dazed Immunity.
  • Full Protection no longer applies Slowed Immunity. This is due to the prevalence of Bloodstone on high end characters, and it currently having no downsides in most scenarios.

Bug Fixes

  • Garutious will no longer transition until his minions are dead.
  • Larry portal spawner is now invincible.
  • Babbit Pet is no longer christmas themed.
  • Removed "4" as an option when crushing.
  • We had a lot of issues with skins randomly breaking - such as certain Celtic Skins. This was due to an issue with IDs being too high. Users who had bugged skins may bump their open tickets if the skin has not automatically unlocked.
  • Can no longer purchase restricted skins for 1000 Kantos.
  • DamagePercentage shouldn't randomly pop up when you kill non quest enemies.
  • Fix Quiver tooltips were showing multiple shots and effects regardless of the real condition effect.
  • Event ground tiles will now instantly render when appearing in the Realm, even if you were standing in the "spawn range".

Item Changes

  • Reign Maker now fires shots as intended.
  • Fixed so Gileon's Spirit Air gives speedy.
  • Skull of Blizzard now slow enemies as intended.
  • Clarinet can now be enchanted with a water and earth rune.

Misc Changes

  • The minimum listing requirement on the market for LGs is now 10,000 gold. 20, 000 > 10, 000 reduction.
  • Increase the HP Scaling of Mutant Larry Giggsman & no longer allow him to be targetable while green vats are alive. The last stage of the Mutant Behavior has also received additional shots in his rage phase. This is intended to make him less of a pushover after the vats are destroyed.
  • Philosopher's stone now insta levels you to level 20.
  • Clarified how you receive your trial rewards in the "daily collect" message.
  • Terradius Aspect regeneration decreased from 0.50P/s, to 0.35P/s. This is 25% reduction or so. Terradius was completely out of line, granting some builds near godmode. We'll continue to take a look at this as needed.

Wiki Changes & Community Editor Rehaul

We heard it, we heard it clear as day. The wiki was not working for the majority of you guys, because of this we put in some massive upgrades.

We brought on Waterfiend, Spirit & Deviser to aid out Vintage on our wiki. They've been hard at work on heavily improving all assets of the wiki. I want to highlight how much work they've done in a short time.


  • Introduce Clickable weapon pages.
  • Introduce a Clickable aspect map.
  • Begin a widespread effort to add shot pattern gifs to items.
  • Introduction of common phrases, and useful command pages.
  • Start to introduce Raid Page Guides.
  • Rehaul Sidebar & Main pages to be much more informative and easier to access.
Wiki Improvements