Hello, Valorians!

The time has finally come, the first planned Major Update on our new update schedule! We have a lot of new exciting content for you, as well as a lot of bug fixes and general QoL stuff. We roll out a completely new dungeon, with what we feel are actual phases and a super fun and enjoyable fight.

Petrified Emporium

Ashen Purgatory's boss, Petricite

The Petrified Emporium drops from Lord Stone Gargoyle, and that then drops a portal to Ashen Purgatory where you'll find the boss, Petricite.

This boss drops a unique LG Ring, which we think is fair given the difficulty of this dungeon. Notable drops also include Stone Soul Shard & a rare chance at the Philosopher's Crate. Normal drops are potions, vials and caches.

This one is a team effort, and we're supper happy with the quality of this. Music is credit to XHack, who made two AWESOME tracks for this.
Behavior Credit goes to Lumpian, and Shiff & Bloodqwen were the spriter department.

Item Fixes

It wouldn't be a regular Valor update without finding a few Legendary effects that aren't working like they're supposed to. In this update, we worked through a lot of item bugs you reported! Thanks guys, keep em' coming!

  • Fixed the Legendary effect for "Staff of Royal Revenge."
  • "Necklace of Undead Support" now gives the DEX and ATT bonus it should.
  • Fixed "Eye of The Kraken."
  • Fixed "Banner of Revenge" (now only gives surge to yourself instead of an area).
  • Traps now only explode when enemies enter (pets and talismans should no longer trigger it).

Bug fixes and QoL changes

  • Fixed Rage Mark
  • Fixed the trial reward message (contained false information)
  • Using a "Master Eon" while 12/12 (or above) will now refund it.
  • Using "Philosopher's Stone" while having marks enabled and 12/12 will now refund it.
  • You now can't use emotes you don't own in a party chat.
  • Also kinda rewrote how we handle the party chat.
  • Dropped by will now automatically transfer to Elemental versions of Ancient Relics.
  • Actually Bacon will no longer drop (finally, sorry).
  • Added Summer Track. (Will appear on new website.)
  • Added commands to make it easier to refund soulbound items for moderators.
  • Minor changes to the Forge UI.
  • Vial Crusher UI is now more centered.
  • Merged in the LG effect for Vivacity & merged in Planewalker Ess Craft recipe.

Balance - The First Strike. Cloaks & Katanas.

This week is a focus on Cloaks & Katanas. There will be further balance patches targeted for the 28th. Ninja Stars will be an item of focus in that.

This patch focuses on Cloaks & Katanas. We've worked to open up cloaks to be a little more interesting and multiple play styles. Katanas should also show much more variety, and lend themselves to certain tasks. These were designed by Garpo, who has retired from our team to focus on IRL matters. We're super happy to be able to introduce this work.

We placed a focus on giving Ancient Relic Elemental forms a little more "personality". We hope this makes the choice between forms a choice between which style you prefer rather than one just being superior to the others. Another focus on these balances are to bring down unneeded stat stick on items that focus on DPS. In this case, we removed outrageous HP buffs on items that are DPS focused.

Thanks to DKxd for help bug fixing this week.

Balance Notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16Hrp1Qy_4bIi7StTiR-kyb1vDHvA89rXYTLrlwvomRY/edit?usp=sharing

New Website + Additions?

We're super close to the Official rollout of our new website, and have pushed some serverside changes to support our new website.

Website Beta Estimate: May 24/25th.

If you're looking for more info on the website, check out our teasers channel! This is a complete rehaul of our website. It will now have player, guild, and ban lookups, as well as different leaderboards and a rehauled donator area.

Item Renamer?

The item renaming will first be available with the website launch. Estimated Monday/Tuesday.

If you've been into the Forge, you've seen the new fancy Rename Item panel. This will be used for CUSTOMIZING your items and granting them unique names. This panel will eventually used for other Item Augmentation as well.

You will be able to use Historical Declarations (Scrolls earned from our shop or by participating in Events + Special Content.) Β These will set a special name for your item, unique only to it. These scrolls will be applied in the same style as forging.

Yes, there will be opportunities to earn renaming for free. They will be earnable via systems like special Trial Events, Leaderboard participation, farming events, etc.

Base Restrictions:

  • 5-30 characters.
  • A-Za-z0-9 & 's are supported characters.
  • Basic blacklist filter on slurs & insults. (We will liberally reset names if they're offensive. It's super easy for Moderators. :) )

All renamed items have a special Origin tag in the Equipment Tooltip to avoid confusion on the item.