3.2.5 Valor - Summer Update - Pt.1

Taps Microphone. Hi! Hello? Is this thing still working? Errr. It's been a little bit since we met like this. It's good to be back though, and I truly mean that.

This updates got a little bit of everything. Sebafra and Lumpian have been working super hard behind the scenes. We're also celebrating 10,000 Discord Members. Which would of not been possible without all of you. It's super cool. To celebrate, LS Scriptures will be 35K all month! This is a 15k reduction from the normal 50k.

This update focuses a lot on "refinement", and "getting back on track", if you will. We clean up some long term issues, and complaints. In addition to everything posted here, we also pushed some behind the scenes code in preparation for work on trials. We'll end up running Premium Testing for upcoming content & to test different types of scaling in the next month.

There will be a hotfix to make it so your pet is not affected by the new opacity settings. The next update with a focus on balancing will be much sooner than the time in-between this and the last update.

Orb & Drannol Upgrades

If you've been able to hop on Challenge League, you've already experienced this! Due to issues with the Orb Mechanics, we've made some adjustments.

Calling of the Titan Drannol Anti-Abuse + General QoL

DrannolTargetBurst (and EnemyAOE in general) no longer multiplies damage based on proximal entities (thanks to @Sebafra#8897)
Orb now moves steadily towards orb holder as long as there is a player near it (rather slowly, plan ahead or fall apart!)
Orb will only be able to spawn once final phase begins
Cleaned up left-over BD Taskmaster 1 (caused orb duplication)
Fixed some errant timings in BD Taskmaster 1
Increased Scorching Crawler size to 165 and made them flash permanently
Refactored Scorching Crawler code and made it so they can't go swimming into lava forever
Drannol positioning slightly adjusted, now stands truly vertically aligned
New telegraphing/lore quotes

Challenge Pass Skins, Pets & Guild Rewards

We made some pets for Staff Members to say thanks for their work. We've also released the Cockroaches guild reward at this time.

valor new pets

In addition to the Staff pets, we've released three brand new pets. These are for sale in the nexus for 600 kantos each. Golden Djinn, the Green Blop & Shroomo. Thanks to TehEnd for a ton of work on the staff pets, and Shiff for the kanto pets.

Item Changes

Bracelet of the Demolished

  • 25% -> 20% Damage Increase.

There's going to be a very big balance update in the future, it's just something we'd rather take a little bit longer with than destroy things by rushing too fast. Need a bit more testing. Thanks for understanding!

Rank & Ingame Permission Changes

With the onslaught of new JrMods, we've decided to make some changes to in game permissions, as well as how different members of staff display in game.

Petrification Dungeon Fixes

Petrified Emporium/Ashen Purgatory (final?) Hotfix

  • Implemented adaptive scaling for all enemies.
  • Fixed TL shooting delay during CWM.
  • Actually 100% punjabi made walkable lava tiles walkable
  • Stalagmite wave pattern increased from 24 shots to 30.
  • Boss tunnel now collapses as intended.
  • Petricite activation range increased from 8 tiles to 13 tiles.
  • Petricite dialogue slightly lengthened to allow more leeway for partying around split behavior.
  • Tunnel-collapsed ground now immediately turns into lava. Dungeon entry region still only turns to lava after the second half of the fight is entered.
  • Leech spam problem resolved, overall egg cooldowns slightly raised
  • Petricite effective HP buffed to 1.25 million.
  • CWM survival volley window increased by 20%, hopefully removing any and all undodgeable combinations
  • CWM finale shot cooldowns increased by 25%
  • Petricite now utilizing new anti-overdamaging behaviors.

Misc / Fixes

  • If you are maxed it tries to add your pot into potion storage (pot has to be in inv).
  • Petrified Lophop drop rate is now 12.5% more common.
  • When ARs are enchanted with runes, the unique name now carry over.
  • Gods no longer split into two. (Was a behavior bug.)
  • Trial Rename Token event drop is now over.
  • Larry Giggsman is now Statis Immune.
  • Christmas skins are removed from Enclave.
  • Orbit's Orbital Pepe is now an available MVP pet.
  • We're going to be trying out V1 "Adaptive Scaling" on Larry Giggsman. If this works well, we'll publish a full post on Adaptive Scaling.

Challenge Pass & Guild Competition Rewards

If you are a member of the guild coackroaches, or purchased the Challenge Pass, you should see your rewards on main server within 48h. Feel free to open a ticket if you don't see these in your giftchest.

Guild Rewards

Guild rewards are redeemable via /ginfo rewards and will grant rewards based on your guilds progress last month. This will be available till next weekend.

Global Loot Notifications

These should be BACK. When you drop an Ancient Relic or a Legendary Item it will now be broadcasted to all players on the server. This was an old feature that had to be removed temporarily for performance. This update brings it back!

Fabled Crate Rotation

fabled crates

We're kicking off the month with a random rotation! This is 25-30 fabled items, and we've included some that haven't been in rotation in awhile.

Sor Reactor - The Great Splitting of Atoms

I think there's a lot to be said for an easier to access Ancient Relic. The Sor Reactor due to where it drops, is a LITTLE too common on top of it being an Ascended Dungeon.

To strike a middle ground, we'll be releasing two Sor Reactor parts. A chasis & an Orb, which when combined in a crafting recipe, will create the Sor Reactor! Both Lab Bosses, Ascended & Normal now each drop one part.

We're OPEN to the idea of making these parts tradeable, or a way to exchange two parts for another, as we don't want to eliminate the reactor, we just want to give it a more meaningful identify and be a unique ar craft.

Options Upgrade

The Options menu was ok. It was a little confusing to navigate, and we had multiple pages dedicated towards the same thing. As you can see, the Options Menu below is much cleaner overall. We've gone ahead and combined Hotkeys 1 & 2, as well as Graphics 1 & 2 into single categories/pages. This is achievable through new scrollbars. We hope this layout will make it easier to navigate and understand. This was also a good time to update tooltips/option descriptions that had been reported as confusing in the past.


Transparency & Hiding Customization

It's like BUILD-A-BEAR but for player options.

The whole options menu has seen a pretty massive upgrade.

  • Added Scroll to Options
  • Removed Experimental Tab -> Moved everything to Graphics Tab
  • Removed Hot Keys 2 Tab -> Moved everything to Hot Keys Tab
  • Added new Tab "Hide Players" where you could set opacity of Players (100 (Means Off), 50, 25, 0 (means Hide))
  • Updated various tooltips to fix capitalization, spelling mistakes & clarity issues.
  • Added option that player could choose if they want to Hide Locked players, Hide Guild members (TODO option for Parties)