3.2.6 - Hotfix

This is a small but important patch. We've had to update the client in order to fix and improve loading. This is a bit of an impromptu patch, but it's stuff that we needed to get out ASAP.


  • Added an option to switch between Self/Self&Enemy/All/Off HPBars (Changed old option).
  • Market GUI's should be working properly now.
  • Your pet shouldn't be affected anymore by opacity/hide.
  • JrMod chat is now yellow.
  • Made backend changes to 2FA to keep up to date.
  • Disabled Guild Rewards.
  • Can now view markets.
  • We rewrote our login & 2fa system from ground up. (Thanks Slender.)
  • Fix x2 client memory leaks. (Thanks Seb)
  • Sor Reactor now has correct Luck & Might.
  • Ascended OT now drops Pack Rat Bag like other Ascended bosses.

Market Changes Explained

The market system is pretty old, dating back to the nr core and creepylava sources. We've attempted to optimize it over time, but it's kind of a losing battle. In the first step to reduce the amount of lags and problems when using our market, we've added a 30 day flush.

This means all items over 30 days old will be returned to your giftchest.

Website Changes

  • Fixed a bunch of page offsets for large screens.
  • Client download should now function properly.
  • Updated Logos to reflect current logo.
  • Rank Pages & Sales reflect properly now.
  • Fixed being unable to navigate on small ios screens.

Premium Testing

We will be Premium Testing on the 24th. Stay tuned for Website Countdown & a discord announcement.