3.3.0 - Milestone Update

3.3.0 - Milestone Update

Hi. We skipped Patch 3.2.9 in favor of the rounded 3.3, as we wanted this large update to have a rounded patch number.

This patch has a lot. It includes several remapped safe worlds, such as the Nexus, Aspect Hall & Enclave. We also introduce some niche items designed to help certain neglected classes. One of the main focuses of this update is the Housing System, built by Slendergo. This features a fully equipped editor, home depot and much much more. Check out fectys guide for a little more information!

The new nexus is here, but it's still under construction! As we finish up the Trial Event, and get further into September & October, keep an eye for it to radically change even more!

3.3.1 is a new piece of content with a realm event. This week focuses on tuning up some old content such as the Lair of Draconis, Janus & securing Oryx/Guardians so all players may participate.

Should see a JrMod announcement next week.

Housing & Map Updates.

What is housing? Why add housing? Housing is a personal map editor where you can create a map, using gained or purchased materials to decorate your plot.

  • Plots are upgradeable to 96x96. Via either gold or kantos.
  • You may open keys and dungeons in these worlds.
  • Create your own firing ranges for testing.
  • Create & save your own design. Instantly shared with other players.
  • Commands to visit your home, and to visit other players homes.
  • Placeable spawn locations.
  • Earn placeable trophies from bosses. (Not yet implemented.)
  • Tons of tiles & objects, plus more to be added each season.
  • The Home Depot is the Vendor, and supports Onrane, Gold, Kantos & Fame.
  • Start with a default 8x8 house.


  • /home - takes you to your own home.
  • /visithome <name> - takes you to your friends home.


  • Any user found using the housing system to promote racism, such as the creation of the swastika will be met with temporary or perm bans.

Over time, we plan to add upgradeable items, or place Aspects that you own close to your door.

Due to the nature of flash and limitations of making this easy to use, and tied in with your inventory, the editor system might take a bit of getting use to.

  • To remove a tile, you need to have it selected. This is a limitation of the inventory system. The quickest way to do this is to use the A(sample) hotkey, and then quickly press the D(delete) hotkey, making removal simple.

Video is compressed due to a blog bug, you can either open in fullscreen, open in another tab or copy the link. It is also pasted in discord.

This is a video from our beta, so some sprites and prices might differ in production.

Home Depot

This is the vendor for the home depot, and will be accessible in the nexus!

Updated Maps

Thanks BQ & TehEnd.

  • Nexus
  • Enclave
  • Aspect Hall
  • Market (Not released.)
  • Vault (Not released.)

Unused Content Looked At

Janus & Puppet Masters Encore

  • Has the chance to drop Elite Boxes.
  • Added Vial drops based on already existing potions.
  • Increased Base HP + Added Scaling.
  • Minions have slight scaling.
  • Slightly buffed drop rate of Tshot.

Lair of Draconis

  • Increased/added scaling on all chests.
  • Increased Ivory Wyvern Scaling per player. 30k -> 50k hp.
  • Ivory Drop Changes:
  • Chance for Onrane / Gold Caches
  • Chance for wisdom vial
  • Chance for Age of the Dragon Charm from Ivory.
  • Heavily increase greater potion drop rates.
  • Ivory Dragon is dropping the Flaming Blade Ninja Skin all month.

Rock Dragon

  • HP Scaling on the Head.
  • Light HP Scaling on all exploding parts + moving body parts.
  • Slight scaling on rock bats.

Oryx 1, 2 & 3 & Both Stone Guardians:

  • HP Scale is now global, based on all players in the instance rather than the default radius.
  • Stone Guardian scaling increased.

Crystal Prisoner

  • Crystalic Elixir is now a drop.

New Items, Stat Tracking, Stat Changes & Drop Rate Changes.

New Items

Age of the Dragon Charm

  • Drops from the Ivory Dragon.
  • Item screenshot to be added.

Guardian Siphon

  • Part of the Ancient Shard.

Crystalic Elixir

  • Drops from the Crystal Prisoner.

Stat Tracking - Scripture of Tracking

Balancing & Changes

  • The Scripture of Tracking is a crafting material when paired with an LG, Trial Item or Ancient Relic will unlock stat tracking for Raid Boss kills. This is a counter/tracker unique to the item that records how many raid bosses it helps takedown while equipped.
  • This item is a reward from Elite Lootboxes, as they are generally rewards from Raid Bosses.
  • This sprite will appear different in-game, and this placeholder/beta image will be updated shortly.

Phantomous Blight

  • Buff radius, impact damage, and quicker throwtime.

Sor Reactor Craft

  • Sor Shell & Nucleus are now tradeable components. No longer soulbound.
  • It now costs 100k gold to craft the Sor Reactor with the two pieces.
  • Added tooltips explaining the craft to each piece.

Drop Rate Changes

  • Gileon’s Spirit (15% more common)
  • Wheel of Frames (12.5% more common)
  • Vinelocker (10+% more common)
  • Decreased drop rate of Runes (all varieties) from all droppable locations.
  • Vulcanstriker (roughly 10% more common)
  • AR Wand. (15%).
  • Zol Lance. (5% more common.)
  • Gravachrome. (10-15% more common)
  • Saturn’s Orbit. (10%)
  • Atonement buff. (Little lower than 8%).
  • Eye of the Kraken. (10% more common.)

Guild Thresholds & Changes

These are not the only improvements & changes being made to guilds. We've gone ahead and done what we should've done month two, which is up the guild tier requirements.

  • Guild Rewards are enabled.
  • Added trials as a method for earning guild points.
  • Rebalanced guild values for each activity.
  • Fixed an issue with only getting half the points you should from shining.

T1: 2000.

T2: 5000.

T3: 25K.

T4: 75K.

T5: 150K.

Skins, Pets & Donator Changes.

Housing Donator Perks

The default plot size is 8x8 and may be upgraded for gold or kantos. VIP users start with a 12x12 plot. Premium players start with a 20x20 plot, and MVPs start with a 30x30 plot. If as a Donator, you do not receive your perks or see the plot size upgrade, visit your /home.


Thanks BQ & Wist.

Happy Drakzix - Available in the nexus for 20k fame. Thanks Wist.

Happy Drakzix

Pepe Samurai - 300 Kantos nexus.

White Lotus (Shrine Maiden) - 500 Kantos nexus.

Deadly Maiden (Shrine Maiden) - 500 Kantos nexus.

Flaming Sword Ninja - The Ivory Dragon.

Misc Fixes

  • /playtime is now correctly rank 10.
  • fixed some filters in Marketplace.
  • Scavenger Chest Unbox UI now properly displays 500 gold.
  • Wrackjaw is now actually 160 trial tokens, not 180.
  • LAAAAAARY gun now has 4 enchantable forms.
  • Updated in-game announcements.

Elite Changes

  • Crushing no longer gives gold to elite players.
  • Crushing now has the chance to give Onrane over gold for elites.
  • Crushing now has separate dialog and reward tables for Elites.