Halloween Hotfix

This is a smaller patch, but has some longterm bug fixes bundled into it. The client has been updated, but we are still on v3.3.3. The majority of this patch is credited to Sebafra. He did the market UI work as well as the majority of fixes.

As it's the first of the month, guild rewards are claimable.

We will be celebrating two years of Operation this month! There will be multiple weekend events and things going on. A calender will be posted in the next two days.

Halloween Changes

  • Made Fire Lolipops roughly 40% more common for the last week of the event.
  • Fixed where skin names would just show "Skin".
  • Fix a few Cyber Lord minions having the wrong sprite.
  • Fixed Quest Priority on Cyber Lord.
  • Serenity Walls now take a little longer.
  • Cyber Lord will now heal slightly during his middle phases.
  • Skins from the Halloween Candy Bag should now directly go into your inventory, not the ground bag.
  • Added the new option to Enable/Disable Map Scaling with scroll + Ctrl (for people who use ctrl for crouch)
  • Fixed HPBars/Text Bubbles scaling while Ctrl+Scrolling

Market Is Fixed

The market purchasing has been broken since day one. Seb has spent a lot of time here recently, and we're happy to announce that purchases have been working through the UI.


Long alast, the realm just got much scarier! This effect is fixed.