3.3.4 - ST Sets

Good Afternoon. It's Saturday! That means it is update time. This update is focused on bug fixes, releasing the Trial Sets, and Housing changes before the competition submissions.

This weekend, you can claim a free pet by completing your Daily Contracts.

Pet - Anniversary Slice

  • To get the "Anniversary Slice" one use pet, make sure to complete your /daily contract and check your gift chest!

View it here.

ST Sets

We introduce the ST Archer set from Therani, and also properly finish the other two sets, Knight & Warrior respectively.

Archer Set

I realized we just launched a bow recently, but this set was in the works for a long time, and originally supposed to launch with Therani!

Knight Set

  • The Knight set is now for sale from the Krovinger Shop, and the set has been rebalanced, including changes to Skirmisher.

Warrior Set

  • The boot is now dropping properly.
  • Buffed drop rate of the whole set.


  • Sor Reactor craft no longer takes 100k no matter what. Now only subtracts if it is a proper craft recipe.
  • Slightly reduced drop rate for Harlequinn's Bow.
  • Ring of Fire skin effect pulled from shop until properly fixed.
  • Cleaned up a market error stopping purchasing for some players.
  • New AR Armor has the correct tool-tip now.
  • Hopefully Helldom throws less errors.
  • Fix the unintended mass healing in Emporium? (Report back.)
  • The Yaza Drops should be dropping. We promise! We double-checked and buffed them!


  • Removed Halloween pieces.
  • Spawn Points are temporarily 10k - than will be 25k from now on out.
  • Reduced cost of Dresser.
  • Reduced Kanto prices for portals.
  • Added Royal Floor, Royal SP Brick, Royal Grass, Japanese Moss, Dark Cobblestone, Japanese Pond & Japanese Pond Dark all for gold.
  • Added Corn (Fame), Coral (Fame), Castle Pot (Gold), Ghost Candle (Gold), Small Candle (Fame), Big Candle (Fame).


Remillia(Archer Set), Dog, Snowdenn, BQ(Pet) Lumpian