3.3.5 - AR Mixup - King's Chest Edition

3.3.5 - AR Mixup - King's Chest Edition

Hello everyone. This patch marks the start of AR Mixup, a once a year event where every boss that drops an AR, drops a Mixup Chest, which is a loot crate with every AR in it.

Kings Chest & AR Mixup

Kings Chest

  • Spawns every 500 Mixup Chests Killed.
  • Appears in the nexus.
  • Takes sixty seconds to unlock.
  • Chest re-appears reset 20 seconds after the unlock.
  • Has a spawning area above the Donor Boost Display.


  • Pirate Rum.
  • Scrolls.
  • One Use Anniversary Cake Generator (Different from the Slice).
  • Tons of Dyes (Tons!).
  • Historical Declarations.
  • Ability Tracker.
  • Drake Eggs, Pirate Rum.

Relic Mixup Chest

  • Has a chance to drop every AR.
  • Small chance to drop onrane, etc.
  • Appears after every boss, spawns as a chest.
  • Now Statis Immune.


  • Historical Declarations, Ability Trackers, and Scrolls of Tracking are now classed as augments.
  • Added Special Augment tag & tooltip explanation.
  • Augments show up when dropped.

Ability Trackers

Image Here.

  • The ability tracker is the newest augment. When crafted with an LG, Trial item or Relic it enables stat tracking.

Misc Changes

  • Challenge Shard will drop from all 3 challenge bosses. (Pretty rare, and will not drop from trials).
  • Decreased the Drop rate of Serenity's Staff.
  • Therani Master Eon drop rate decreased.
  • Therani Set is now soulbound.
  • Knight Set Plate is now soulbound.
  • Cyber Lord now has the correct ground tiles.

Stheno & Evasion


  • Now properly works.


  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't Dodge, with just the dagger equipped. (Wasn't being checked properly on it's own.)
  • All evasion numbers are the same as their tooltip.


Dog, BQ, Snowdenn, Slendergo