3.3.8 - UTitan

Hello. This patch introduces Ultra Titan. Which is an upgraded and more intense version of the Titan Raid. This was removed several years ago, but we're happy to re-introduce it.

We also introduce summr as a new member of the team, responsible for a load of bug fixes for this patch. We're testing out fixes for a bunch of LG effect bugs, Shuriken MP bugs, and much more.

General Patches

  • Loot Notification now displays Tier properly.
  • Santa's Armor effect should be working properly now.
  • Trial Items should no longer be showing up as "Ancient Relics" in #raids-and-drops.
  • New Anchors were rebalanced.
  • Shurikens and MP bugs resolved.
  • Fixed Necklace of Undead Support not working with ninja/samurai abilities.
  • Fixed Venomous Eye Trap display name + item name.
  • Therani Archer Set Skin should now be properly displayed.
  • Must kill both Fallen Titans before the Portal will spawn.
  • The Fallen Light Necklace & Ninja Stars now function properly. (Thanks Summer.)
  • Hermit God priority now on par with Mothership.
  • Serenity & Malgor tweaks for various bugs from the last patches. Should be the last iteration for now.
  • Conjurer now drops the Zol Raid at 100% chance.
  • Fixed Helldom Shell effects not working (ATK/DEX and VIT boosts)
    Fixed Vizkel's Unholy Garments effect not working as intended (is meant to give 15% crit, was giving 10%)
  • Fixed Bracelet effect (was doing 20% extra damage, now doing 25% like tooltip says)


  • Ultra is now accessed via Calling of the Titan (Token).

The newly revamped Ultra Titan remains similar to the original one on Valor production from two years ago, but has improvements, changes, and other fixes to ensure its place of reason on Valor. The new Ultra Titan raid features:

  • More difficult boss fights
  • Harder variants of minions
  • More minion locations & spawns
  • A longer, scarier, and more interactive lava walk (Twisted Trials)
  • A necessity for teamwork with colored tiles (Twisted Domain)
  • A new area in the raid before the fight with the Scorching Wraith (The Steps)
  • And a VERY scary fight with Ultra Drannol, the Eternal Beast
  • (Also higher loot chances!)
  • Chance at new turret - Armaggadeon.


New Pets (UTitan Themed, Credit to Shiff):

  • Demonite the Defiler Generator for sale for 600 Kantos.
  • Sluggum Generator for sale for 600 Kantos.

Re-introduce Old Pets:

  • Red is Sus Generator.
  • Summer Toucan.


  • Removed Camel Generator from shop.
  • Removed Golden Djinn from shop.

Regular Titan

  • Reduced Chance at Bloodstone.
  • Now only accessible via the Realm.

Mechanic Changes

Organic Turret: 140->180 - 180->210
Complex Turret: 180->200 - 200->250
Grove Turret: 200 ->240 - 225->275
Golden Turret: 200 -> 260: 260 -> 320
- Fixed Naming of Gatekeeper's Barrage
Gatekeeper Barrage: 300 -> 450: 375 -> 500
Aldragine Turret: 150 -> 230: 150 -> 250, cooldown decreased


  • Snowdenn (UTitan repairs)
  • Summr / Summer (Ton of bug fixes)
  • Shiff