3.6.0 - Preparation

Hello everyone!

This is a smaller hotfix update and is a precursor to the release of Trial Four.

The St. Patricks Festival is now over, and Pot Of Gold and reskins will no longer be dropping. The Emote Fame Crate is finally here. It will contain 10-15 emotes. This box will be spinnable via Character death Fame.

Guild rewards are available and will be open for three days. To redeem guild rewards run /ginfo rewards in-game.


  • /pc now shows if the seller is online or offline.
  • Gold Valor Boosts and their popper now shows up in #raids-and-drops.
  • The Nerd Emote is available for 400 Kantos - only here in April.

Emote Fame Crate

This is a special Crate purchasable in the nexus. This will only be enabled for April and costs 50,000 fame. It will give you one random emote.

Dubass Emote
Brazil Emote
Salute Emote
Grrr Emote
PBJ Emote
Salute Emote
AR Emote
Pablo Emote
Sinister Emote
Sus Emote
Clueless Emote

Fabled Crate Rotation

The Fabled Crate has been updated.

Robe of Forbidden PowerRobe of Dark Desire
Orb of Ulgur's Spirit
Dynamized Rod
Corruption Spell
Enigma Wand
Zol Pirate Siphon
Heatblast Trap
Quiver of the Onslaught
Tome of the Holy Titan
ItemEssence of the Conjurer
The Grand Finale
Twisted Amulet
Suspicious Looking Skull

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Fixed T2 Guild Hall not being able to use guild board.
  • Assistant Pepe Generator now defaults to size 100. (Was 150 before for some reason.)
  • Fixed St. Patrick's tooltips not always being correct.
  • Torii is now working? (Report back if still bugged, been a little problematic. :( )
  • Using a Potion Upgrade if maxed should now send it to the gift chest.
  • The client now shows "2022 Valor" rather than "2021 Valor"
  • Items like Royal Revenge that use "AnyEnemyNearby" in their LG effect should now properly ignore pets.
  • Sor Fragments now properly show a message when consumed. Before they were showing nothing. (Still don't update in backpack till reload)
  • The Eye and enchanted variants now have a regular 14% fame bonus.
  • Fixed Terradius and Crystal aspects from stacking.
  • Gave Deviser & Avatar access to every single command in the game.
  • There is now a 30s cooldown after you leave a party before you can create or join another party.
  • Rewrote the backend for Guild Rewards, they should now disable properly after a few days.
  • /pc now shows if the player is online or offline.
  • Sebafra has been officially promoted to Co-Administrator of Valor, he has done a lot of work for the entire game and now has a 50% share and full power of everything that happens.
  • Destiny has been promoted to Developer by Sebafra for adding 1 line of text message code.