4.0.0 Phalgomor, the Myth-a-Weave

4.0.0 Phalgomor, the Myth-a-Weave

Hey all. We here at the Valor team are happy to bring you the 2nd update of the Summer. This is a pretty significant one as the main part of this update is finally bringing Trial 4. As well as a Serenity, Lances, Nodes, quiver reworks and a new Fallen Light LG consumable.

The new Wikipedia will be coming out in the next fourty eight hours. All current wiki content will be accessible at new legacy urls. We're super excited to unveil the new wiki, that has been worked on by Deathmod, Nordic, Oddish & members of our community. It takes the information style of the unofficial wiki, and puts it in a great web form. Anyone with a GitHub account may contribute, and have their changes approved, so make sure to check it out. It's still being built out, but has an insane amount of content already.

We're excited to continue to welcome new members of our team, so look out for official announcements and new faces very soon. We're also sad to announce Sweet will be retiring as their IRL gets busier and busier. We hope to have them back in the future, as they were an awesome addition to Valor.

Due to the combined efforts of Orbit & Sebafra, this update sees a lot of client improvements as well. Features such as the market UI have been overhauled, as well as the clients performance and memory usage should be much smoother. All the client options from the Premium Testing session have made it into 4.0.0. This is an insane amount of client features that have been long requested.

Note: Missing spots in the Battle Pass are not blank, and will be filled with rewards in a hotfix.


The release of the Trial 4 is finally upon us made by Lumpian himself. The cost is 240 trial tokens and will launch a true bullet hell fight, that we hope everyone will enjoy. The fight has 2 dungeons, It can be done in one. But if you are daring to face phalgomor all enraged, you shall find him in The Deathdream. With this addition, we have added a one time use pet, and a wizard skin. As well as Forgotten Zol Gem, and Dranbiel Garbs have been retooled and are mirroring the new LGs, Master of the House and Kiskiorab. View the balance doc below with all the changes.

Rifts Blogpost Description:

After some tweaks with the loot tables, Phalgomor and his Derivatives are now able to drop his signature loot: the Rift. There are 3 different types of Rift keys that can be looted. Each with its own rarity depending on and the level to which he is aggravated. The different tiers will correspond to which dungeon types it can open too. They require 20 stars to use, and can only be activated in your Guild Hall. (You may also use your vault, if don't have a guild.)

Serenity the Ripper

After much feedback regarding the minion phases in the fight  We have gone ahead and reworked them for you. Minor tweaks in other phases as well, get ready for lava madness! Lastly, we slightly increased the droprate for Helldom and removed The Atium from the shard pool and it will drop here with the rework.

Fallen Light Consumable

A new LG consumable has been added into the mix. Fallen Longhorn, is more of a defensive focused consumable and will be dropping from Merganus in the Fallen Light Raid.


Helldom Buffs

We have gone ahead and buffed Helldom Shell, see the balance doc below with all the changes. (Suggestion: Shad and Shmitty)

Node Reworks

Overall, we want to encourage players to try out different builds by creating more room in node creation but also in nerfing the overall damage output by a little bit. See the balance doc below with all the changes and adjustments.

Quiver Reworks

We have gone ahead and reworked quivers to provide different options and add more variety of quiver uses in the game. See the Balance doc below with all the changes.

Lance Reworks

We have gone ahead and reworked all lances as well, to not only provide different playstyles but as well as properly organizing the dps. See the Balance doc below with all the changes.

LG Effects

  • Fixed bug with Burning Tome effect proccing twice on one ability use.
  • Added new LG effect for Zol Miner (Suggestion: Dio Brando + Shmitty). It now drops from Zol Ship.
  • Changed Bifierce's LG effect
  • Buffed/reworked Meteor's LG effect (Suggestion: Questy)
Valor July Balance Changes 2022
Helldom Changes Base, Fire and Water enchants have a burst rate of 0.4s now. Air has a burst rate of 0.2s now. Earth has a burst rate of 0.6s now. Quiver Reworks Quiver of Vast Power: Damaging and Attack stat (Credits Robo) Quiver Dmg: 2500 No more shot effect Damaging for 3s (No wismod) +16 Att...

Fabled Crate Rotation

Bow of Ruin
Robe of Dark Desire
Jacket of True Heavens
Twisted Cloak
Realitytaker Orb
Blade of the Mad God
Merit of Rebellion
Beastly Dice
Kismet Seal
Zol Axe
Suspicious Looking Skull
Ulgur's Spectral Quiver
Sword of Dark Retribution
Buff Hide

Miscellaneous Changes and QOLs

  • Added Giggsmans Hideout Key to guild shop and slightly increased price of galactic plateau.
  • Updated Sor Reactor Descriptions (Zemagaia)
  • Updated Onrane and caches sprites (BQ).
  • Fixed bug with Yazanahar helpers not despawning after yaza is insta'ed by a drakzix
  • You can now choose between 3 different chat text sizes. You can now choose between "Normal" and "Slim" chat box. "Slim" chat box will make it narrower and text won't go as far right on the screen. (Suggestion: osfc)
  • You can now change your password if you have 2fa enabled. Changed the “password change” GUI to fit an “Auth” input.
  • Spells will now be cast exactly where your cursor is instead of in the center of the nearest tile. (Suggestion: Summer)
  • Spells will no longer play an error sound when it shouldn't.
  • You can now toggle between seeing all items in the market and only the items you can currently equip. (Suggestion: Pulsive)
  • You can now filter market GUI based on item type. For example, Bows or Anchors (Suggestion: Dunzo)
  • Doing /pinv will now automatically create a party for you if you don't lead one. (Suggestion: Questy)
  • Added /pclose. Usable by the leader and will close the party. Alternative to /pleave. (Suggestion: Pulsive)
  • Lowered the amount of space between names when you're hovering over people on the minimap (Suggestion: Oddish)
  • Locked players will now have a unique color on the mini map. (Suggestion: Halent).
  • Checks larger area for blocks when spawning events to prevent enemies spawning in walls.
  • Rock Dragon can no longer follow players endlessly. It will always stay inside it's set piece.
  • You can now do /mp instead of /marketplace (Suggestion: Questy)
  • Fixed issue where ability damage is seemingly capped at 65k (drak, etc)
  • Changed Ghall and Nexus targets so that abilities/leech/item effects work on them.
  • Made Ghall and Nexus targets respawn immediately upon death.
  • Added the ability to filter what Loot Notification/Banner you want to pop up. (Thanks Orbit!)
  • Fixed Gatekeeper's Barrage not dropping.
  • Advanced when larry scales his hp to prevent bursts during an early transition phase.
  • Fixed an issue with Aspect of Shrek not increasing HP
  • Fixed Shatters gates.
  • Fixed you couldn't shot on text bubbles.
  • Fixed Darkness effect.
  • Added Char ID into tooltips in Char Menu.
  • Added Ascended/Marked indicators in Char Menu (Suggestion: Halent)
  • Small fixes in Char Menu.
  • Added choosing name in Register dialog.
  • Added two new missions (daily, weekly) for TOP dungeon
  • Fixed so ultra drannol and aldragine weren't counter as AR dropping bosses
  • Changed Solo oryx slayer mission.
  • Fixed Sor Reactor Air 5% rof buff.
  • Sor Reactor Water 4th Passive change (Suggestion: Robo and Shmitty)
  • You can now regenerate through lifesteal and hp pots whilst bleeding (Suggestion: Oddish)
  • Added fame bar and backpack inv into char tooltip in char menu (Suggestion: Oddish)
  • Increased drop rate of Sacrilegious Kaftan.
  • Decreased drop rate of 10k coins & 2nd gcaches from midtier dungs.
  • Increased drop rate of Crimson Cloth.
  • Increased drop rate on all shiny diver set pieces. (shark)
  • Decreased RAM usage and crashes/frameskips (Thanks SEB!!!)
  • Fixed Bad Login on register.
  • Fixed an issue with catatonia showing incorrect damage numbers on its tooltip.
Building on to these changes, we have had hotfixes in the past month as well.
- Fixed an issue where Sor Reactor Earth gave 25% damage reduction, and gave it it's intended effect
- Fixed an issue where Sor Reactor Air doesn't reduce slowness by 50%. 
- Fixed an issue that let you use hp pots and life leech whilst corrupted, sickened, or bleeding.
- Fixed an issue that let you use mp pots and mp leech while corrupted or quiet.
- Fixed an issue with Sor Reactor Water not keeping mana during quiet, and fixed an issue with it giving 1 extra mana leech. 
- Fixed an issue where both regular Sor Reactor and Sor Reactor Fire were not reducing the weaken effect properly. 
- Fixed an issue with Mercy of Yazanahar showing an extra 1.3x damage on client
- Fixed an issue with Sor Reactor Fire not showing the extra 5% damage on client
- Fixed an issue with Vinelocker's 30% damage buff not showing on client
- Fixed an issue with Vinelocker runes not showing reduced armor-pierce damage on client 
- Fixed an issue with Sor Reactor Earth not showing the reduced armor-pierce damage on client
- Fixed an issue with Bracelet of the Demolished showing 1.3x more damage instead of 1.25x, and showing the damage while over 75% HP instead of 90% HP 
- Fixed an issue with crit thresholds showing differently on server and client (for example, you may have 220 might and be hitting "4x crits" on the client, when on the server you are hitting 3x crits.
- Fixed an issue with curse showing 1.3x damage on client instead of 1.2x
- Fixed an issue with the Zol Beast mark (invisible mark) not giving the right amount of luck.
- Fixed an issue with the Zol Beast mark (invisible mark) showing a fake extra 20% damage dealt on client, when it's not meant to increase damage dealt.
- Fixed an issue with the Zol Beast mark (invisible mark) showing a fake 15% rate of fire increase on the client, when it's not meant to increase your rate of fire.
- Fixed an issue with Staff of Royal Revenge's LG effect not working whilst Dreadcull minions are nearby 
- Fixed Helldom Shell's old AR effect still working when it shouldn't
- Fixed Whispers of Murak'ul and Oath of the Ages LG effect (mana focus) 
- Fixed an issue where using Abyssal Rune spams chat with "You do not have a Whip in your inventory" for every slot without a whip
- Fixed an issue where Moonlight's LG ability can be used even if your ability is under t6
- Fixed the text shown while using /mymarket being incorrect
- Fixed an issue where the st. pattys reskin Hide of Garutious's lg effect was not working 
- Fixed all wismodded effects / abilities on client showing a significantly higher number than they should (for example seals like Avalanche or tomes like Opus Salutem and others) 
- Fixed Greater Health Potion and other healing items not giving the proper amount of HP
- Fixed /crush on elite giving only 1 onrane regardless of vials crushed
- Fixed wismodded poisons being fake "capped" at 1300 damage (they now show their real damage) 
- FIxed Malgor's Invigorating Charm not working (didn't spawn any torii)
- Fixed spells not showing effects like multi-hit or armor-piercing whilst equipped
- Updated vault map tooltip to reflect multi-use.
- Zol Caves - gold caches are no longer guaranteed to everyone in the instance.
- Asc UDL now drops the same amount of pack rats as other ascs. (was lower than others.)
- Updated option fetching. (should prevent the no-loot issues from earlier)
- Slightly increased price of Gileon & Zol Cave Keys from guild shop.
- Cata key prices increased.
- Larry now scales his HP earlier to prevent being insta'd during the transition. 
- Slightly decreased the drop rate of shards from t1 trials.
- The password reset form now prompts a 2fa code if enabled.
- Fixed Storage Bags in Vault Chests.
- Removers properly in shop rotation at all times in nexus.
- Fixed Kanye Emote being public.
- Can no longer run through shatt walls.
- Misc lg effect fixes. (still working on sor reactor.)
- Implement a few hotfixes for misc errors on our side. 
- Implemented summer pack.
- Implemented rwt ticket type. (thanks orbit, more info to follow, not required)
- Misc bug fixes for the bot.
- slowed down charge speed + made it slightly longer overall.
- increased follow speed slightly + increased follow/charge radius
- added slight 0.5 cooldown between firing when the boss transitions on a heart orb.
- fixed darth ulgur sprite.
- Can no longer skip shatt switches. 
- Excessive storage bag poofing item bug fixed per reports.
- Fade in for loot banners increased again.
- Few misc mission fixes.
- Loot fade in now faster (seb)
option changes:
  - hardware accel is now enabled by default. (we advise everyone to turn it on anyways, and should prevent the "lag movement" complaints primarily from new players.)
- Added reskinner orb to the nexus shops properly.
- Sor Reactor Earth tooltip fix.
- Shine Booster is fixed. 
- Donor Boost shouldn't announce it ended multiple times.
- Slightly slowed down crimson temple allseeing horror charge.
- Updated Vinelocker enchants projectile sprites (Thanks Zipzar!)



Avatar (Update Vid)

BQ (Sprites)


Dog (Balancing)

ENNWAY (Music)

Jzxi (Update Vid)

Lumpian (DUNGEON!!)

Snowden (REWORK!)

Orbit (Lots of QoLs)

Sebafra (QoLs + LG Consumable)

Shad (Update Vid)

Shmitty (LG Effects + Bug fixes)

Skullz (Balancing)

Tehend (Sprites)