4.3.0 Spirithunter & Scepter Reworks

4.3.0 Spirithunter & Scepter Reworks

Hi, this is a pretty cool update as it is. Spirithunter rework, Scepters rebalancing, Realm Changes, Staff promotions, and various QoLs and bug fixes. We've been writing a lot of blog posts lately, so this will be a bit brief.

Staff Changes

We are pleased to announce the promotions of Avatar and Deviser. Avatar has been promoted to Sr Mod and will assume the role of Head of Community. He has already been doing an awesome job with media and various community events. Deviser has been promoted to a general Sr Mod, he has already been helping out in elevated tickets and other various Sr Mod tasks. Make sure to congratulate them both if you see them.

Spirithunter Rework

We have completely overhauled and reworked shunter's ability. Our aim was to make this unique class more fun and bring the idea of ghosts as a more prevalent and effective factor within gameplay.  A list of all the changes are within the balance doc below.

Scepter Rebalancing

All of the Scepters have been looked at as well and gotten a full rebalancing. View the doc below for the changes. Wismodding has been added on all scepters.

4.3.0 Items and Balancing 2022
Spirithunter Changes Miscellaneous Balancing Age of the Dragon Charm (Buff) Curse from 2s → 5s Armageddon (Buff) Increased Max dmg from 1850 → 2315 Fixed tooltip Helldom Shell Air (Buff) Increased Speed from 15 → 25 Fallen Longhorn (Buff) Removed Paralyze and nerfed cd from 20s to 15s

Realm Closing Changes

After the numerous amount of suggestions as well as our poll regarding realm closing. We are pleased to bring what everyone asked for. Realm can now be closed by killing 20 Events. With this HP Scaling has also been touched. It will only scale with players being within 30 tiles of the boss rather than whole instance.

Client UI Debuff Feature

Seb has implemented a new feature from a suggestion by Lumpian, which will visually show 4 current buffs and debuffs with the lowest timers located on the top right of screen. You can turn this new feature on and off in your settings.

Thanks Seb!

Fabled Crate Rotation

This is the new rotation for this month.

Zol Jewel
Holy Ripper
Titan's Gem
Golden Wishbone
Wand of the Corrupted Mage
Bane of the Vision
Dynamized Rod
Zol Pirate Scepter
Protector of the Mad God
Poison of Tranquility
Dagger of Corruption
Enigma Wand
Zol Pirate Siphon
The Grand Finale

Miscellaneous QoLs

  • Players can't use their items in Gift Chests anymore
  • Fixed how AOEs work (players shouldn't get damage from 'air' anymore)
  • Fixed Swoll Paladin ST Set Skin, donor knight skin, flaming sword pet
  • Updated Oryx Castle, O1, O2, O3, Snake pit, Death Dream, Sprite World, Serenity, and realm music (Made by ENNWAY)
  • Added Crimson Cavern keys back to T2 Rat bags (Suggestion: Oddish)
  • Fixed website bugs
  • Increased Drop rates for Unoch's Defiance, Gargoyle Slayer, Vulcanstriker, Darkin Skull, Zol Trident, Kiskiorab, Master of the House.
  • Updated the bag for excessive storage bag. Explains what it does better.
  • Nerfed Drunk Effect
  • Updated aspectinfo command
  • Fixed Deep Sea Fishing Set to not sink when all pieces are equipped in Wrackjaw's Chasm. (Thanks Kayood)
  • Added /grove and a hotkey for it.
  • Buffed defense (from minimum of 25% of damage to 10% of damage, critdef from 10% to 5%)
  • Fixed setpieces spawning in walls
  • Quests are now on foreground on the Minimap
  • InvUse items cooldown doesn't affect on different items cooldowns. (Thanks Seb!)
  • After you are maxed and use potion in container it will go into Potion Storage as far it's not maxed too
  • Condition Effects now fully cooperate with server. (No perm debuffs!!!)
  • Dropped trial items now get drop tags
Building on to these changes, we have had hotfixes in the past month as well.
Fixed how AOEs work so players shouldn't get damage from air anymore (Ty Seb!)
Players can't use their items in Gift Chests anymore
Fixed Mission rerolling
Fixed torii
Fixed AR Robe Crafting


Arcanuo (Misc QoLs & Event Code)

BQ (Sprites)

Deathmod (Event Ideas)

ENNWAY (Music)

Kayood (Bug Fix)

Sebafra (Client Debuff UI + Realm Changes + Shunter Code + Bug fixes)

Skullz (Balancing)

Tehend (Sprites)

Waterfiend (Balancing)

Zipzar (Blogpost Thumbnail)