4.4.0 Cemetery Rework

4.4.0 Cemetery Rework

Happy Halloween!

The 4.4.0 patch is quite substantial. We take a break from rebalancing in order to focus on cleaning up after ourselves, implementing some of your suggestions, and reworking old content. We also added a new AR for this released content. The Cemetary has been reworked, featuring a working non lagged fight with remastered loot, improved behaviors and even new music!

Reworks also allow newer behavior developers to get familiar, and provide meaningful contribution, without needing to start from scratch, which can be overwhelming initially. Skullz has been working hard to transition over to behavior development, and we're super excited for this, and to see how he progresses.

The Core Rework will be following mid-month, it'll be a back-to-back update this month! We're still hoping to push a testing session for that, so keep your eye out.

Staff Addition

Please give a warm welcome to Zipzar, who will be joining the team as our writer and spriter. He has already been doing great work recently with alot of sprites, blogpost banners as well as suggestions.

Cemetery Rework

This is a sizable rework. There were several issues with the base Cemetary that caused massive lag spikes preventing it from being completed. This combined with enemies not designed for Valor, and terrible loot, nobody ran it!

We hope to have this change.

4.4.0 Items Valor 2022
Ghost Dice (Drops from 4th boss in Cem): Grants Damaging, or Berserk, or sick for 4s Grants Speedy for 4s +50 Might +50 Luck MP Cost: 120 Banshee’s Eye (Drops from 2nd boss in Cem): Stasis on group 2 tiles X seconds Curse on group x tiles x seconds Banshee’s Curse X 2 tiles (Curses stack up X ti...

Fabled Crate Rotation

This month's crate rotation.

Jacket's End
Araki's Saber
Royalty Bow
Skull of Blizzard
Breastplate of the Mad God
Wrath of Aldragine
Titan's Edge
Titanic Bracelet
Amalgamation's Eye
Stonepraise Tome
Heatblast Trap
Corrupted Cutlass
Skull of Inferno

Miscellaneous Changes & QoLs

  • Fixed Remove Guild Member Panel (switched cancel and remove buttons events).
  • Added support for custom hex colors using the donator dye commands.
  • Added Disable Immune Text option.
  • Added Server-sided Options System.
  • Added 5k gold cost to enchanting and disenchanting ARs.
  • You can now complete the quest "Stat Maxer III" from the potion storage
  • Fixed Prism TP bypass in Superhuman Hideout.
  • Added more unwalkable tiles in Ashen Purgatory to remove leech spots.
  • Fixed Sun and Moon Expansion passive.
  • Fixed random disconnects when using Scepters.
  • Fixed Bleeding for lower health enemies, and made it able to kill enemies.
  • Changed the lvl 20 announcement message for pirates to not include "Class" in "Pirate Class".
  • Gatekeeper should be working again.
  • Added eboxes to Sincryer (reg & ultra) and nirux.
  • Fixed some dupe ebox tags.
  • JrMod color is now less similar to the VIP Color.
  • Rank 110 now has the Admin tag.
  • Added Invisible to Effect Timers (no icon).
  • Added Effect Timers Amount option (from 0 to 8)
  • Moved some options to Misc options.
  • Changed Hide Players to Misc options.
  • Fixed t2 guild hall having the incorrect tile at the target dummies.
  • Potentially sized down congealed ooze lady.
  • Fixed T1 "Wooden Talisman" disconnecting players everywhere but nexus.
  • Updated Cemetary music to TheDeadRise.mp3 made by ENNWAY.
  • Fixed Hide Donor Particles (now you can see your particles after hiding).
  • Fixed aspect of shrek altars in nexus.
  • Removed Player cap from Ashen Purgatory.
  • All vault maps have 76 chests or so now. (thanks bq).
  • Added the Halloween Realm Portal.
  • Fixed the "Hide Chat" option.
  • Fixed random disconnects in Nexus.
  • Updated Gravachrome passive description.


BQ (Sprites)

ENNWAY (Music)

Iwanabeu (Item Passives Code)

Kayood (Item Passives Code)

Orbit (Misc Fixes + QoLs)

Sebafra (Misc Fixes + AR Talisman Code + QoLs)

Skullz (Balancing + Cem Rework)

Tehend (Sprites)

Waterfiend (Balancing + Patchnotes)