4.8.0 S4 Battlepass & Seal Changes

4.8.0 S4 Battlepass & Seal Changes

Hey, hope everyone is doing well! This update will be bringing in our 4th season of the battlepass and marking our first full year since we launched the Battlepass, with many more to come! With this we also have balanced seals, phalgomor changes, and misc QoLs. This also marks the end of our valentines event, hope everyone had a chance to get at least 1 unique item.

We have also updated our refund-policy and will continue updating other parts of the discord and rulesets, as part of our ongoing rehauling.

Make sure to fill out the Spring feedback form listed below here, same one in #announcments. We are always looking on ways to improve, and this is one of those times to provide input on how you feel about the game in its current state.

We have a new longterm Nexus. It will receive seasonal updates/looks, but we plan to stick with this theme and layout longterm. BQ & Deathmod spent a long time taking feedback from New & Veteran Players in order to build a nexus that looks beautiful and is easy to access. Most base portals have now been reskinned as well. Make sure to check it all out, lot's of easter eggs! If you watched BQ's stream, you'll have an idea of what it looks like already.

Sebafra has also been working on shipping a bunch of client improvements from a cleaner character selection to custom resolutions. He's also created a few new UI's, such as a Star Customizer which you can find in the nexus.

Guild Rewards will be re-enabled for the next 72 hours. Make sure to claim them!

Staff Changes

We're excited to be welcoming G+ to the spriter team, and promoting Comfrog to SrMod. We have also added YungCarty to our dev team, will be helping out with the ddosing and other security tasks. We have recieved over 90+ feedback forms and appreciate every single one. It has been a super eye opening experience, and you've helped us understand what you're looking for from Valor, so please keep them coming.

Feedback Form
This is a varied feedback form for Q1 of the 2023 year.We will be using this form to gather feedback on a variety topics in order to make longterm decisions in line with our community. All questions are optional, and may be answered anonymously if you so choose.

S4 Battlepass

This season our themes will be orientated on raids, specifically Zol and Fallen ranging from item resprites, skins all the way to wearable cosmetic hats.

  • Eboxes should now count towards lootbox mission
  • BattlePass should now open at your level
Fallen Theme (Made by Ohwy)

Seal Changes

With this patch, we are bringing another round of balancing changes. This time to seals, and focusing on trying to bring out more metas, and make certain seals more useful. Primarily focusing on bringing paladin's support capabilities down and its dps side up. Check out the balancing doc for a full list of changes and as always, constructive feedback is welcome!

4.8.0 Valor Balance Changes
Paladin: Gained +5 Attack Gained +5 Dexterity Gained +20 Luck Gained +5 Might Knight: Gained +20 Luck Seal Changes: All Seals heal 100% of their maximum hp buff per use → 50% of their maximum hp buff per use Luminous Horizon: +125 Maximum HP → +85 Maximum HP Seal of Glowing Honor: Increase Maximu...

Realm Changes

This includes any rate changes, dungeon changes, and game health balancing.

  • Removed Hallway, added Mega hot lava ring in first phase, adjusted rates in Serenity.
  • Increased Abomination's base hp and hp scaling by 15%. Will adjust more if needed. (Suggestion: Summr)
  • Merganus no longer should stack shots and first phase behaviours have seen minor changes.
  • Made Phalgomor derivatives/minibosses in first part all Stun Immune and made refraction more easier to see. (Black 2x2 dot) (Suggestion: Liv)
  • Removed Master eons from Phalgomor.
  • Add T7 ability drops to Genesis (Suggestion: Liv)
  • Made Infused Katana way less rarer. (Around 40% more common)
  • Added zol vault map to drop from ultra sincryer as well.
  • Aspect of Seven Seas is now a 50/50 chance on increasing or decreasing loot. Works only on Bosses. (Suggestion: Spirit)
  • Dreadcull minions now target like phalg bunnies. (Suggestion: Summr)
  • Doubled the rarity of master eons & philo stones.
  • Lost Scripture requirements are now 5 stars.  (Prev 10.)
  • Rifts now require 10 stars. (Prev 20)
  • Removing runes from ARs now cost 15k.  (Prev 5k.)
  • Adding runes to ARs now costs 50k. (Prev 5k.)
  • Epic Potion upgrades now cost 10k. (Prev 5k.)
  • Tax is now a flat 10%.

Increased drop rate on the following: -

  • Greatcloak of Twilight
  • Blades Of The Bridge
  • Forgotten Shroud of Twilight

Decreased Drop Rate:

  • Poniard of Ghastly Retribution

Fabled Crate Rotation

This is the new 4.8.0 Fabled Crate Rotation for the month.

Zol Jewel
Holy Ripper
Titan's Gem
Golden Wishbone
Wand of the Corrupted Mage
Bane of the Vision
Dynamized Rod
Zol Pirate Scepter
Protector of the Mad God
Poison of Tranquility
 Dagger of Corruption
Enigma Wand
Zol Pirate Siphon
The Grand Finale

Miscellaneous Changes and QoLs

  • Fixed typo in options "Disable Undex Text" --> "Disable Unbox Text"
  • Can turn off guild chat without turning off chat entirely
  • Added another extra line of tiles that will turn to garg really hot lava
  • Can no longer bscroll to Hermit God now.
  • States which require players within range will ignore decoys now (it will fix drannol anticheat too)
  • Updated raid tokens sprites (Suggestion: Questy)
  • Removed T7 tag from legacy T7 abilities, and should no longer be dropping now
  • Sidon will no longer say the incorrect taunt when LSG spawns.
  • Added Limited tags on items missing them (Report if more)
  • Fixed 16x16 char skins in Character Selection Menu
  • Added Chat Icon Customizer
  • Fixed that sometimes commands could be ignored
  • Added that The Oracle in Home shows homeowner's Boss Data
  • Added resprite origin tag option (Suggestion: Liv)
  • Changes have been made to blacklisted words for the in-game filter. Will monitor if it becomes a problem.
  • Fixed typo in resetitemname command info msg.
  • Added a new option to switch resolutions from 1920x1080, 800x600 and off (means you can change your resolution manually)
  • Reverted back to old drops, no more valentine reskins dropping!
  • Added more tools for moderators. (Thanks Comfrog!)
  • Updated Nexus, Market, Enclave maps (Thanks BQ!)
  • Char Selection Menu now fits much more characters on screen (Thanks Seb!)
  • Fixed some UI positionings in character tooltip, etc.
  • Updated Shard tooltips so it's more helpful to understand. (Suggestion: Liv)


Arcanuo (Realm Changes)

Avatar (Balancing)

BQ (Bpass sprites + Spring Maps)

Comfrog (Bot Tools)

G+ (Sprites + Balancing)

Iwanabeu (Bug fixes + LG Effects)

Ohwy (Bpass Sprites)

Sebafra (Bug Fixes + QoLs)

Skullz (Balancing)

Snowden (Serenity)

Waterfiend (Bug Fixes + Balancing)

Zipzar (Balancing)