4.9.0 Premium Testing Notes

This is not a PATCHNOTE. It is a testlog, and everything in here is open to change before 4.9.0. Changes are put in bullet points for the purpose of quick testing.

The main piece of content being tested is Velmuth, which has been worked on by Waterfiend & BQ, and we're hoping the fight will be both stunning visually as well as awesome in terms of gameplay.

This is the first patch with Shmitty back on the development team, and they have been going insane on both new content and bug fixing. We're super happy to have them back and hope their hard work on fixes and improvements will be appreciated. (Over 50% of the bug fixes are by Mr. Shmitty.)

New Additions

  • Added multiple elemental sor and essence crafts.
  • Added Velmuth & Mirr. (/quake velmuth's cove, /spawn Mirr)
  • Added Velmuth LG and AR drops.
  • Shards now no longer drop, they have been replaced with fragments and one full shard "Shard of Sidon's Fall"
  • 1, 2, 3 fragment drops from raids, challenges and oryx - 1, 2 from everywhere else
  • Oryx Crate now drops 3, 4, or full shard
  • Ebox has 1 or 2 fragments, 3 (extra rare)
  • Added a vial button to potion storage ui. (WOOHOO!)
  • Added a new command /averagedamage (alias: /ad), works only inside a home or guild hall. It averages your outputting damage taking everything into consideration. It has two modes, the first of which being the default mode and the second mode having armor piercing. (/ad 1 or /ad 2) (Suggestion: Liv)
  • Added /checkaveragedamage or /cad which can be used to check your current /ad mode

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Remove Disenchanting AR Cost, and increase enchanting cost to 65k
  • The Grove map has been updated and now has some new/returning pets. (Thanks Deathmod)
  • Krov shop now requires 10 stars instead of 20.
  • Rebalanced Helms.
  • Improved Spirit Hunter Talisman Soul Costs (Check Balancing Doc)
  • Buffed Soulcatcher & AR Spell.
  • Updated Seven Seas loot roll msgs to be more inline with 50/50 chance
  • Slightly increase drop rate of spectral lantern, and decreased elemental rune droprates slightly.
  • Increased and decreased some gold cache and coin rates in some dungeons. (Shouldn't effect normal runs/farming too much).

Check the balancing doc below for a proper list of balance changes and new items

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • Fixed slow immunity being removed while moon crescent halberd and ring of unbound potential are equipped at the same time
  • Fixed an issue where the tier 1 siphon "power siphon" would not function properly
  • Fixed ashen safespots again.
  • Fixed an issue where shift+clicking philosopher's crate in a full bag makes it disappear
  • Fixed spelling error in fabled and ut loot notification msgs
  • Fixed an issue where the kraken priest set bonus (+15% crit mult) was not showcasing properly on client
  • Fixed a bug with drakzix where you were able to infinitely spawn phalg aspect minions.
  • Fixed Bacon Cape's passive being very buggy and not working properly / not dealing damage.
  • Fixed perma mana focus bug with Oath of the Ages and Whispers.
  • Changed the code that minions (dreadcull, phalgomor, and newly added minions) use to target enemies, causing them to no longer target invincible enemies / generally be smarter.
  • Fixed anniversary eon not maxing you on use (not sure if anyone still has any of these)
  • Fixed Venom Cage's effect not poisoning the attacking enemy on getting hit
  • Fixed an issue with royal revenge's lg effect not working with friendly minions around (phalg, spirits, and the new minions)
  • Aspecthall command shortcut is now "/ah" instead of "/as"
  • Update rift keys desc with proper star requirements
  • Changed Dices to Dice in Market dropdown menu
  • Added Oryx Aspect Tag to some chests and enemies in order to allow Seven Seas Aspect
  • Fixed Aspect of Anubis description to be more inline with what it does
  • Fixed mpcost issues with fallen aspect
  • Fixed extra invis mana bug with drakzix ability and similar abilities.
  • Fixed AR Cloak effect bugs
  • Fixed an issue where equipped restoration nodes did not increase the maximum amount of health/mana potions you could carry.
  • Reworked Wavebreaker's shot pattern, as it was very buggy and caused significant amounts of lag.
  • Re-enabled gatekeeper's barrage (Thanks Shmitty)
  • Fixed Abomination HP Scaling
  • Fixed 3d objects