5.0.0 Beams, Magus & Pirate Rework

5.0.0 Beams, Magus & Pirate Rework

Hello Valorians! We are all pumped and excited to finally hit such a huge milestone of an update. With this, I just wanted to give a special thanks to everyone involved to bring this update together. With this update comes the release of a new class: Magus; a Pirate rework; three full item-type balancing changes plus a very exciting new mechanic which will be further explained. In addition, the news of a Genisus rework by Shmitty and G+ coming just three days after this update on May the 4th!

We appreciate everyone who participated in our Premium testing this last weekend. We have heard your feedback and have since made adjustments; we appreciate the time people have dedicated to testing and look forward to hosting future sessions!

Guild rewards are live for the next 72hrs, make sure to claim them by running /ginfo rewards command ingame.


Beams are a brand new addition to Valor, and open up a lot of new opportunities! Beams work in a similar manner to projectiles, AoEs, and grenades, meaning they can be implemented into all corners of the game; for example items, effects, classes, weapons, and even boss fights!

In fact, many of this update actually contains beams. Magus is a class entirely centered around beams and the anchor rework was possible due to beams. Plus various item effects make use of beams as well as some of the new enemies in the planned Genisus rework!

On top of this, over the course of the next few updates, we plan to add some beams to existing content. For example, replacing some fake beams created using projectiles with real ones. Overall, this is a very exciting change to Valor that should work toward making Valor the greatest it can be.


The Magus is a brand new class which wields Blades.  This robe-wearing mage class makes use of her crystals to setup beams and deal immense damage to enemies. First the Magus must place down her Crystals; then, after two are placed, a beam will connect between these crystals which deals damage based on your Wisdom stat. During this time your mana will begin to drain based on the amount of active crystals you currently have, once mana is empty the Crystals will deactivate and vanish.


Limited Time: In the Special Mission tab of the Battlepass you may now see a mission to unlock the Slime Magus Skin!

Pirate Rework

The Pirate's anchor ability has finally gotten a much-deserved rework! On ability use, the Pirate will toss and begin spinning their anchor around them. This will deal large damage on contact with enemies. Additionally, when you hit enemies with the Anchor itself, rather than the chains, it will deal a critical hit for extra damage, the multiplier specified on the item's tooltip.


Staves, Katanas & Bows Balancing

Due to the big milestone, we have gone above and beyond by rebalancing not one but three whole item types. This includes: staves, katanas and bows. We are aware of the current issues, and these new changes have made substantial changes to fit the current meta as well as pave paths to new ones. All the changes are listed below in the balance doc.

Note: Vinelocker, RIng of Unstable Mind, LG Shatts rings, Soul Buster passives will all be ready on the 4th!

Valor 5.0.0 Update Balance Doc
Larry Gun Water (Buff) Arc Gap: 5 → 3 Larry Gun Earth (Buff) Shots now ignore defense of enemies Oblivion (Buff) Damage: 1500 - 1900 → 1650 - 1900 RoF: 30 → 35% Oblivion Air (Buff) Damage: 1500 - 2000 → 1500 - 1850 RoF: 40 → 45% Oblivion Earth (Buff) Damage: 1620 - 2080 → 1650 - 1900 ...
5.0.0 Magus and Pirate Abilities
Magus Abilities Basic Crystal (T1) Desc: The most common type of crystal used by novice Magi, with limited power and simple construction. On use: Place a crystal, drain mana based on active crystals. When 2+ crystals: Create beams dealing damage (wisdom based) between each crystal. When mana...

Damage Counter

Introducing the user-suggested (and much anticipated) Damage Counter! It's here! It's very cool, and it's moveable. The Damage Counter will show the top four damagers + yourself as you battle a boss. The Damage Counter will show the top-4 players with the highest damage dealt to the Boss in addition to yourself.

To Know:

  • May be dragged around your screen using control.
  • May be toggled off in options.

Wiki-Man - All Seeing Valorian

Note: This may be showing items that are not obtainable, and we'll discuss how the community would like this to be tackled.

Realm Changes

  • Mad lab minion now confuses for 2s instead of 0.5s (Suggestion: Gameend)
  • Increase hp scaling on O2.
  • Adjusted realm events spawning rates. Should be better than before. 40% chance for common event (Sphinx, herm,etc.) , 35% for uncommon (mship, mirr, etc. ) and 25% for rare events (Larry, yaza, garutious, etc.)
  • Adjusted Giant's Hill droprates.
  • Velmuth HP Scaling has been increased by 25%. Added invuln durations for phases to appear before being dmgable. Shotguns during chase phase are now multihit. Added curse immunity to corals so colors are visible. Slightly lowered time length of turret phase
  • Added weak immunity to aldragine, drannol and merganus
  • Added True Damage to Aldragine zol shurikens, Construct of Zol Shurikens, Corrupted Conjurer Shurikens
  • Increased the amount of enemies in the Realm overall. (Should help with finding Dojos etc)
  • Moved Encore to Mad Jester and adjusted rates with a future dungeon rework on the way!
  • Increased amount of mob spawns in all terrain ranges. Increased amount of low level mobs, as well as increased amount of med/highland mobs. Aim was to populate the realm a bit, and help with farming for dojo rather than relying on Gods for it.
  • Reduced number of rooms in abyss once again by around 30%, as well as bring back abyss idol
  • Cyberlord has seen some behavioural changes. (Less minions required to kill to transition it.)


Droppable & Earnable Hats:

  • Serenitys Sun Hat
  • Malgor Horns
  • Shojun Dojo Hat
  • Colored Beanies & Colored Caps (Drops from Lichs, Ogres & Gold/Silver Lootboxes)
  • Spellcaster Wizard Hat (Earned from a Quest in the Special Tab)

Kudos System

We are pleased to announce the release of a new system to reward good behavior. Things such as bug reporting, notable positive activity, and helping in-game and in-discord will be rewarded with a vanity collectable item as well as a special Kudos lootbox which will contain things such as kantos, gold boosts, and skin effects. On the backend of things, we will keep track of gifted Kudos and this will be taken into consideration when looking at future staff applications and other various opportunities.

Miscellaneous Changes & QoLs

  • Lava now ticks globally as opposed to the previous per tile tick.
  • Vsync is disabled by default in fresh client installations.
  • Fix overseer controller (make it like other controllers, infinite hp not 30k)
  • You now get the same amount of kantos when upgrading via rank upgrades as buying kantos.
  • Brought back old boss sprites and items. April fools items and bosses shouldnt be spawning.
  • Fixed Fire and Ice Vault Map Trees.
  • Added hovering over portal (shows "players/maxplayers" under portal)
  • Changed BP Mission name "Looter" to "Looting Leonard" (Suggestion: Liv)
  • Updated Skirmisher & Bejeweled Spear projectile sprites (Suggestion: Yetimi)
  • Added no banner popups to potion storage unlockers (Suggestion: Spirit)
  • Updated warpawn minions so they dont look exactly like niolrus.
  • There's more options on a screen (3 columns on most of tabs)
  • Fixed Ability Tracker announcement
  • Fixed Premium lootbox info box
  • Updated all dye commands to allow for cloths, as well as resetting to no dye/cloth
  • Set an actual message for equipping Phalg Aspect instead of just 'Insert lore here'
  • Added Dynamic Player's Tooltips
  • Removed Text Bubbles option from Graphics Tab and added new one (Speech Balloons) with new options to choose (On, Only Enemies, Only Players, Off) to Misc Tab
  • Added Boss Data for each Character (bosses are counted only from this version, there's no old data). The Oracle is now separated into two tabs Account and Character
  • Added death text for Merganus, The Fallen Titan
  • Maxed ascended color is now displayed on players' tooltips
  • Reduce housing prices on multiple tile sets & objects that are sold via gold.


Arcanuo (Hats + Misc Changes)

BQ (Sprites)

Deathmod (Mapping)

G+ (Sprites + Genisus Rework)

Iwanabeu (Item Effects)

Kayood (Item Effects + Kudos System)

Sebafra (Hats + Misc QoLs & Changes)

Shmitty (Beams Addition + Magus Class + Pirate Rework + Item Effects + Genisus Rework)

Snowden (Cyberlord Changes)

Orbit (Damage Counter + Wikiman)

Waterfiend (Balancing)

Zipzar (Balancing)