5.1.0 Testing Notes

Hello everyone, back with another round of public testing to just finalize the update and allow the community to provide feedback on the latest genisus rework, client optimizations, lootbox & balance changes. As well as a sneakpeek into the S5 Battlepass!

There's a lot of changes, fixes and improvements to the gameplay loop that isn't expressedly written down here. Make sure to check out the new bp, balancing work, new wand effects, client optimizations, improvements to lootboxes and much more.


Both Orbit and Sebafra have been doing an amazing job with a bunch of client optimizations to provide a much smoother gameplay and fps increases.

Genisus & Truvix Rework

  • Added new setpieces and dungeon mechanics for Truvix & Genisus.
  • Improved rate for gold cache and onrane cache.
  • Made Realm Protectors Bag a 25% chance.
  • Has chance to drop elemental sor crystal and fire rune.
  • Added Genisus Key to guild shop.
  • Increased Drop rate of Magus Crystal LG.

Battle Pass

  • S5 is now live.
  • Increased Normal Loot across pass, added a 3rd Piece of the Realm.
  • Added the first Animated Emotes to the Prem BP.
  • Released The Geek & Royal Theme for Reskin Orbs.
  • Elite Loot Box Crates that appear in normal pass, are now mirrored in Premium Pass.
  • Increased amount of alert tokens present in pass.

Lootbox Rehauls

Loot Boxes have remained unchanged for a while and have become somewhat boring. We've made several improvements to enhance the Loot Box experience and assist players with their progression by making farming easier and more enjoyable. Furthermore, small-portions of beginner sections of the game have undergone some light re-balancing and have seen the introduction of new items to complement these changes.

  • Added items list while clicking on lootbox
Lootbox Changes
*Note: This does not indicate the rarities of the box’ contents, rather it is a summary of all their contents. View Balancing Portion of Update: Here Bronze Loot Box Normal Potions Misc Gear Drop Location Life | Mana Attack | Defense Speed | Dexterity Wisdom | Vitality Onrane Tiny Sor Fr...

Balance Changes

This update we have decided to tackle wands, dice and jacket changes. In an attempt to properly organize all wands to allow for better progression and change up a few metas. This includes a new passive to AR Wand and a few other LG Passive additions and changes. Dices have gotten reworked to provide more usability with some of the underused ones and provide more alternate fun builds.

There have also been a ton of UT balance changes done by Deathmod and fully resprited sets by BQ. Make sure to check those out within the doc below. They are in conjunction with the Lootbox changes.

Looking forward to the constructive feedback with all these changes. See the doc below for a more detailed outline.

5.1.0 Valor Balance changes
Ar Wand Ar wand (Base) (Buff) Passive: On hitting an enemy, gain a 5% chance to spawn converging cannonballs around them, dealing 300 base damage, multiplied by 1% of your Wisdom. Ar wand (Fire) (Buff) Passive: On hitting an enemy, gain a 5% chance to spawn converging cannonballs around ...
Lootbox Changes - Rebalance
View Loot Box Portion of Update: Here WEAPONS Ent Ancients Log (Sword) Damage: 620 - 770 (Was 570 - 660) Range: 4 (Was 3.5) On Equip: +3 Attack -3 Speed (Was +3 Attack -3 Defense -2 Speed Sadist Blade of the King (Sword) Damage: 150 - 160 (Was 145 - 155) Shots: 2 (Was 3) Rate of Fire: 105% (Wa...

Miscellaneous Changes and QoLs

  • Added option to disable/enable 3d objects (default enabled)
  • Changed displaying fps/memory (it's now on minimap as a text)
  • Fixed disconnecting anchors
  • Fixed The Oracle bugs (Thanks Questy for the report!)
  • Fixed Phantom Cleaver Air cooldown popup.
  • Changed how Chat is displayed so text looks better (Skilly's 7.0 client)
  • Fixed Hat Opacity when sometimes it could use opacity on locked/guildmates when options were off
  • Added Leaderboard in The Oracle which shows top5 of each boss kill count
  • Fixed Deathdream soft lock.
  • You can no longer receive party invites from people you've ignored
  • Visible cooldowns added for inventory items (Thanks Orbit)
  • Added drop locations and crafting descriptions to in-game wiki.
  • Added a new registration dialog for Normal VS Elite accounts to prevent accidental registrations.