6.0.0 Update

6.0.0 Update

Hello everyone! We have finally arrived to the long awaited re-haul of Valor and we're all super excited to finally release the launch the 6.0.0 Update. This has been months of hard work and wouldn't have been possible without the combined effort of our team, vcc testers and you - our longtime supporters. So just wanted to give a massive thanks to everyone. Now onto showcasing the exciting stuff!

As we start off within our festive winter season up until January 15th, we've returned with the previous seasonal Christmas drops. Also the nexus has been changed to fit a more winter theme.

Please note that a lot of changes are either missing, or understated within the blogpost. We have virtually tweaked almost or reviewed almost every portion of the game in some way for a better playing experience. We're super excited to share it with you. So we have definitely not covered everything but are highlighting some of the most important and noteworthy changes below.

We also view this as a stepping stone for 6.1, which will focus on more item customization, and pieces of content, such as a re-hauled Candyland and updated Fallen Raid.

Arcanica Ascension

Starting off with one our most biggest additions into Valor. We are here to bring you the skill tree. Starting off vials have been completely removed and ascending has been converted into gaining skill points through exp gained from killing mobs. Moreover, aspects have also been removed and added as unlockable nodes within your skill tree.

This new addition alongside many other changes yet to share has completely revolutionized metas and we look forward to seeing all the cool builds that come along with it. This has been a huge undertaking and ties into our vision of helping game health balancing. A special thanks to Seb & Comfrog for the design and development as well as BQ for the amazing node sprites.

Unlocking & Activating nodes in skill tree

Stats & Item Balance Changes

Alongside our skill-tree addition, We have gone ahead and rebalanced almost every single item in the game. This includes consumables, weapons, abilities, armors, rings. We meant it when we said big changes were coming and we are happy to finally showcase them to you all. We are super excited and have full faith in our core changes that will benefit Valor's gameplay loop in a more healthier way. Massive thanks to Liv, Deathmod, Summr, G+ and all our developers & testers throughout the process. Full in-depth changes are listed in our 50+ page balance doc below.

As well with these massive changes, as teased in our update video we have added over 100+ LG passives as well as reworked alot of the AR Passives. A full list of the new passives are in the doc below. So be sure to check those out.

A few new LG Passives

More Changes:

  • Restoration stat removed
  • Bleed now actually bleeds
  • Lost Scripture's now give skill tree points.
  • Philosopher Stones fully max skill tree and max character.
  • Fame has been rebalanced in line with the skill tree
  • Mana/Life steal have seen major reductions (No longer proc full value per shot, now full value is divided by number of shots)
  • ATK + DEX formulas are slightly lower
  • Attack Formula changes
    from: 0.5 + (attack / 75) * 1.5 --> max(1, (-1 * ((0.95 * ((attack - 400) * (attack - 400))) / 44000)) + 4.075))
  • Dex Formula changes
    from: 0.5 + (dex / 75) * 1.5  --> 0.5 + (dex / 100) * 1.5
  • Evasion cap set to 40%
  • Lootboxes Rebalanced & Tables updated

Status Buff & Debuff Changes

  • Damaging has been reduced 1.5x -> 1.25x
  • Berserk has been reduced 1.5x → 1.25x
  • Alliance has been reduced 1.6x -> 1.3x
  • Bravery 1.7x Crit Mult + 100 luck -> 1.5x Crit Mult + 75 luck
  • Crit 1x per 76 might -> 1x per 100 might
  • Armored 2x has been reduced -> 1.5x
  • Armor broken + armor piercing shots now work as intended
  • Corrupted on enemies is now useful! Duration of debuffs applied to an enemy with corrupted are now 25% longer, and 10% more effective.
  • Weaken - Same effect on players. On enemies: 50% DMG Reduction -> 15%
  • Unstable - Shoot anywhere within 360 degrees -> within a 60 degree cone. On-cursor ability casts are still entirely random.
  • Blind - Changed to not be as visually obstructive, will ideally make everything look black and white.
  • Darkness - Opacity potentially lowered, vignette size increased.
  • Despair - Changed to be less visually obstructive, more potential opacity changes
  • Drunk - Removed from everything, only available through jokey consumables. Actual effect remains unchanged.


The Hex UI will receive additional work within the week. Hexes include things like increased damage for enemies, in return for more dungeon exp, or threshold reduction/boosted loot.

  • Biweekly, Weekly & Daily dungeon modifiers
  • Affects all realm dropped dungeons for daily rotations.
  • Biweekly Hexes effect challenges.
  • Weekly Hexes effect raids.

Class Changes

  • All abilities have been rebalanced, with a few new LG additions.
  • Templar Base Stats have been adjusted.
  • Minor improvements to Magus.
  • Improvements to Hit reg with a focus on spells and shields.
  • Adjustments to Support Score for Healing & Support Classes.


We have reworked this class once again with a complete different take on how the class & ability specifically operates. Switching from a charging and damage blast to working with your weapon and increasing weapon dmg. We are hoping this new take brings life to the class and allows for a lot more fun metas and playstyles. See docs below for more in-depth changes.

  • Drakzix no longer charges up and deals a single burst damage.
  • The siphon is still multi-use, but while charging you deal increased damage to enemies, but also take increased damage yourself
  • Increased damage is calculated after defense reductions are applied.
  • Different siphons can give different buffs depending on the charge time.
  • Once you are at max charge you are quiet immune.
  • All forms of magic regeneration are disabled while charging, and you drain 10 mp/s to maintain the charge.
  • Damage incoming and outgoing increases every 0.2s up to the max charge time, represented by a bar under your character.
  • The damage increase is a multiplicative damage increase on your weapons damage (Stacks with bracelet etc)
  • There are two new craftable siphons.
  • Drakzix max stats have been changed to account for this.

Shrine Maiden

This has been a very unused class and with this rehaul, there have been alot of changes done to this class. Specifically, the abilities have been changed and given a lot more variety for different playstyles with this class. See the docs below for more in-depth overview of the changes.

As always we are looking for constructive feedback for all balancing and changes in general! Join our VCC discord if you haven't done so already.

Valor 6.0 Balance Changes BETA DOCUMENT
All Item & Consumable Changes
Valor LG Passives
New & Updated LG Item Passives
Siphon Rebalance Document
6.0.0 Siphon Changes
Deathmod’s Late Night Patchnotes
UT & Tiered Changes & Templar Stat Changes

Christmas LG/Reskins

•	Colossal Candy Cane Cleaver: Undead Nemesis
•	Jack Frost's Snow-caller: Hand of Zeus
•	Splat: Quack
•	Santa's Piece: Encapsulator
•	Spruce Shank: Orbis Terrae
•	Santa's Battle Armor: Drannol's Judgement
•	Santa's Coat: Robes of Aldragine
•	Kurisumasu no Uwagi: Ikari no Uwagi
•	Saint Nick's Stocking: Grey Belt
•	Santa Hat: Jade's Judgement
•	Santa's Mitten: Garnet's Onslaught

Ascended Storm & Dungeon Changes

Starting off, we would like to introduce a new addition of an ascended dungeon, specifically as teased by the title. Ascended Storm has been added by Summr. Hope you like the awesome added content and reaffirming our mission to also fix dungeons and bring more fun and adjust it to current times.

  • Cemetary has seen some behaviour modifications (Less waves/damage/debuffs)
  • Other Ascendeds + Dungeons like Shatters & Catacombs have had rates of UTs, LGs and currencies adjusted, as well as small tweaks to behavs to smooth them out.

Ascended UDL

  • Added Soul Buster to both base and ascended udl
  • Increased Base HP 8k --> 40k & Increased HP Scaling for base and asc
  • Added more proper hp transitions and adjust behaviours with base and asc

Trial of Krovinger

  • Boss behaviour changes & new minion phases
  • Shop is guarenteed as a drop after killed.
  • Tecpatl is now a drop
  • Fully resprited by BQ <3
Revamped Krovinger's Hall

Droprate Changes

As part of our massive rehaul of Valor, we have also relooked into one of the most vital systems that affect everything about the game. With this we would like to introduce the addition of scaling thresholds across the board for all ARs & LGs. They will scale with a base number upto the dungeon's respective instance cap. With this change in mind we have adjusted all the rates and items have been balanced to drop more often than before. We are looking forward to hearing feedback on this rehaul!

With this, a massive thanks to Orbit with a cool new UI as teased in the teaser video. Outlining the current thresholds needed to qualify as well as info on Inspiration (Support Score).


Potion & Crushing Changes

With this we would like to bring to you the addition of a new item called the Hammer of Potion Smashing. On release, we bring to you a regular version attainable from eboxes & a Trial version attainable through trial bosses. This new fun way of crushing potions to grant gold with the regular or trial tokens with the trial version.

  • Removed Vials dropping & crushing.
  • Spaced out Greaters among current vial drops mostly to raids.
  • Moved Potions to giving 1 and mana/hp 5 instead of 10.
  • Greaters now give 3 and are more focused to certain locations
  • Normal potions are back to 1.
  • Removed combining potions.
  • Regular Hammers may be purchased for fame in the nexus.
  • There is also a Trial Hammer from eboxes & trial bosses which crushes pots into trial points.
  • All Hammers have seperate tables for Elite Players. (E.g, no gold.)


The tutorial is a 3-part experience which aims to teach the players about the tutorial. This will include:

  • An introductory portion that allows the player to choose what information they need
  • A dungeon portion that explains the basics of Realm of the Mad God
  • A duplicate nexus which explains the basics of Valor's system

This tutorial will be available this weekend and will be available with the /tutorial command. We're just finishing up the last of the tutorial.

Miscellaneous & QoL Changes

  • Server & Client optimization.
  • Multiple new LGs & FBs.
  • BP theme is S6 - Kitchen Sink.
  • 150+ Resprites.
  • Multiple new LG's.
  • Changes to client rendering & shadows.
  • Added a 2nd realm.
  • Tons of new pets, emotes & cosmetics. (Even Neko Arc Pet)
  • Fabled crates are now locked to the table of the rotation they dropped to.
  • Beams from magus crystals no longer spawn when placed too close together
  • Fixed some tooltip discrepancies (shot modifiers are tabbed, order of stats)
  • LG tooltips should be a lot cleaner/more cohesive.
  • Elite can no longer trade at all.
  • Balancing of tiered loot in godlands.
  • Set the default option for show hp+mp text on bars to true
  • Set the default option to show hp bars below characters and enemies
  • All classes now start with exclusively a T0 Weapon and T0 Ability.
  • Can no longer summon players to the final parts of all raids.
  • HP of bosses no longer scales if someone in your instance is /hidden
  • /clearinv now no longer clears locked items
  • EXP and Fame rehauled.
  • New merchant shops adjusted with the fame.
  • Item pack rat bags now shows a message in chat when they are added to the Tiered Lootbox Menu.
  • Scrolls have been redone, and have new drop locations as well. (3 new colors of scrolls!)
  • Consumables overall have been largely changed
  • New Winter Themed Nexus
  • All items in raid shops are immediately available, no more shop rotations


ABlindSniper (VCC Testing)

Arcanuo (Krov + Droprate + Misc Changes)

Avatar (Video)

BQ (Sprites)

Comfrog (Arcanica Ascension + Balancing + Misc Changes)

Deathmod (Balancing)

Faux (Drax Changes)

G+ (Balancing)

Iwanabeu (Shrine Maiden Changes + Misc Changes)

Liv (Balancing)

Sebafra (Arcanica Ascension + Misc Changes)

Summr (Ascended Storm + Balancing)


Orbit (LG Passives + UI Changes + Misc Changes)

Waterfiend (Balancing)

Xannyy (Shrine Maiden Changes)

VCC Testers