6.1.0 Update: Launcher, Reforging & Rework Galore!

6.1.0 Update: Launcher, Reforging & Rework Galore!

Hi all.

We're super excited to release the 6.1.0 Update. This is the first of our rework and content oriented updates. This update is quite large.

We're welcoming Lumpian back to the team, as well as ZipZar & Kipp as balancers. We are also pleased to announce that Comfrog & Summer have taken on the role of Content Lead. Waterfiend will be going back to SrMod & developing content.



  • Automatic Self-Updating (New versions of the launcher will self patch.)
  • Displays the latest update center panel. Clicking on the post title will lead you to the blog post!
  • Offers easily accessible links to commonly visited places like the wiki, leaderboards, ban appeal/ban tracker, and many more.
  • Introduces a profile selection button for handling multiple accounts (Looking at you elites!). Now, you can create new profiles for alternate accounts and keep them logged in on that profile.

On top of this, client download and patching should now be much faster overall, and the launcher should only download the updated client if there is a client update available.

Fallen Rework

This update, Summer and our spriters BQ, G+, and ZipZar, have completely overhauled the Fallen raid! The designs, visuals and vast majority of the raid's behaviours now present a more challenging and engaging experience for players.


Highlights of the New Fallen Light Raid:

Crius, The Conjoined

Now an actual boss with fresh mechanics! Crius welcomes challengers with its new LG Jacket, Crius' Embrace.

Chronus, The Guide

Chronus has been fully reworked and his challenges now revolve more around Turrets and dodging. Overcome the challenge and you may find the new LG Wand, Artificer's Focus.

Ascended Fire Wizard

Lava Crawl & the Ascended Fire Wizard have been fully reworked and remapped. Adventurous enough to face the heat? Expect the new LG Ring, Heirloom of the Hellbound, as your reward!

Odeus and Cerynus the Titans

The battle mechanics have been tweaked to be more dangerous, testing the players' abilities. Successfully defeat them for a chance to collect the new LG shield, Rockfall Bastion.

Merganus, The Fallen Titan

The fight with Merganus has been completely re-thought and made significantly harder. Conquer this challenge and be rewarded with the new re-tooled LG Sword, Moonlight Greatsword. In addition, the AR Dagger Poniard of Ghastly Retribution now includes a new passive effect.

The Reforge System

The team has been working really hard on bringing you guys another form of longer-term character progression, the Reforge System! The reforge system is a new piece of content in Valor that is similar to systems from games such as Terraria or Minecraft to an extent, so it should be fairly familiar!

The Reforge Station


Every UT/FB/ST/LG/AR item in the game now has a reforge when they drop, and all your existing items will have a reforge on them automatically.

There are 5 tiers of reforges, which all have stats that scale with the tier. Most of the reforges on items are general-use, but some are niche enough to target specific builds!

An example would be the "Titanic" reforge, which is mainly a defensive reforge.

Reforging Costs

To re-roll a reforge on an item, it costs 10,000 gold. By crushing a shine in the Crush tab, you can lower this cost to 50% (i.e., 5,000 gold). If anyone in the server activates a shine booster, the cost of the reforge will be reduced by 70%  (i.e., 3,000 gold).

Leveling Reforges

Reforges can also be leveled (max level 4) through the item crushing system! Crushing items will yield one of 12 essences, dependent on the item crushed. The cost of upgrades depends on item rarity and can be calculated based on the below formulas:

Levelling Formulas

Fabled: 5 base + (5 * (level)) + (5 * (tier))
Legendary: 50 base + (20 * (level)) + (20 * (tier))
Ancient Relics: 100 base + (40 * (level)) + (40 * (tier))

Additional Ways to Gain Essence

  • Crushing 3 onrane also yields 1 random essence.
  • If you lack essence for your upgrade, you can substitute 4 Sor Fragments for every essence you're missing!

This system looks fantastic thanks to Orbit and Bloodqwen, and the animations and sound effects add an extra touch of excitement.
The main objective with the reforge system is to offer a longer-focused progression path that provides one of the best ways to increase your damage, survivability, or utility. We are open to critiques and suggestions, so please visit the Valor Discord's Suggestion channel and let us know your thoughts!

E̶n̶c̶o̶r̶e̶ Masquerade of Doom Rework

Waterfiend and BQ have brought a wacky, doom-themed theatrical rework to Valor!

The dungeon offers a fresh set of challenging behaviours, which brings difficulty to a boss that just wasn't all that difficult.

Tied with the change in the boss's difficulty, a fresh set of paint flows into the dungeon, all done by the fantastic Bloodqwen.

As usual, feedback is most welcome over at our Discord server, and the channel to post feedback in and any possible suggestions would be the Suggestions channel.

Marionne the Masked Maestro awaits you in his theatre!

Anti-Cheat Changes

Orbit and Sebafra have taken the initiative to make necessary alterations to the backend and come up with more systems that aim to reduce in-game cheating. If you come across any DCs or issues launching the game related to these changes (false positives), please open a Bug ticket in our Discord to let us know!

If you notice that there are significantly less cheaters, please let us know!

Balance Changes

A substantial number of balance changes have been introduced in Valor, all driven by a common theme - undoing the "HP meta"! Many adaptations have been instituted to alter the significance of HP in the game. We're keen to observe how these changes and the refreshed reforge system influence the game balance in the coming weeks.

LG/AR changes:

View Here

UT/FB changes:

View Here

Complete Patchnotes

There's quite a few of them, all split into categories below.

New Additions

- New Reforge system!

- Added the ability to map mouse buttons as keys (Middle Mouse Button, Mouse 4, Mouse 5).

- /Tutorial now shows a comprehensive tutorial of the systems in Valor, and how they work.

- Tooltips are now completely revamped. This includes borders based on essence types, key modifiers to show/hide reforge stats and descriptions (new setting), and dynamically scaling tooltip sizes based on window size.

- Items in slots now have a border that reflect the tier of their reforge.

- You can now export and import Skill Trees! These buttons are in the top right of your skill tree.

Dungeon/Raid/Map reworks

- Spring comes back to the nexus!

- Fallen Raid is completely reworked and re-sprited!

- Encore is completely reworked and re-sprited! (now renamed to Masquerade of Doom)!

- Oryx's Castle was shortened, and the enemies are now more difficult.

- The Winecellar was shortened by a ton, and the enemies are now more difficult.

- Davy Jones' Locker boss has entirely new behaviours!

Bug fixes

- All DCs and frame skips related to bosses flashing (Drannol, Mothership) should now be fixed.

- Tuned down the health in most ascended dungeons.

- Tuned down the damage in most of Ascended Sprite World + Ascended Storm Palace, alongside some shots in other ascended dungeons.

- Pressing nexus when you should die, and getting sent to character select instead of the death screen should now be fixed. You will now see the correct death screen!

- Removed stacking of berserk + samurai berserk

- Fixed samurai berserk giving 50% rof instead of 25%

- Added more buffs/debuffs to skill tree nodes for +duration/-duration:
ninja speedy, empowered, surged, samurai berserk, vengeance, mana recovery, alliance, health recovery, curse of garutious, empowered armored, all the immunities (ex. slowed immune, dazed immune), hallucinating, confused, paralyzed, stasis, hexed, unstable, petrify, godstruck, exhausted, despair

- Added the following buffs/debuffs affected by +buff/-debuff effectiveness:
despair, vengeance, alliance, samurai berserk, bravery, empowered, health recovery, mana recovery

- Name change is now 5000 fame (was previously 2500 on server, 50000 on client)

- Options for max FPS are now: 60, 75, 90, 120, 144, 165, 240, 300, 360

- New resolution option: 1024x768

- Fixed AR Spell cancelling trades.

- Fixed AR Spell not allowing you to get empowered + reducing your MP regen to 1/3rd of normal.

- HP to MP now correctly applies 2x HP cost to priests, instead of the incorrect 1.5x it was before.

- Mana be Health descriptions should now be correct.

- Flex offenders skilltree node now works on clientside, where it was previously only implemented on server-side.

- Fixed Cem Stacked shots + reduced spawn rate on the Blue Zombies.

- Reduced the speed of the boss in Ascended Dojo.

- Invincible now only shows above player's heads, instead of all enemies + players.

- Fixed siphons such as Bloodwell's "on full charge" not actually working at full charge.

- Projectile outline for sprites bigger than 8x8 are now the correct size, instead of being really large.

- Fixed a bug with dcing when using abilities immediately after joining an instance.

- Health and mana potions, when in inventory and are moved to be put in your potion storage, will no longer DC you.

- Shot pattern switching is no longer possible.

- Surging power node should now work as intended.

- Stacked damage from stevix potentially fixed.

- Text on player tooltips in the bottom right of the screen should no longer bug out and show (+xyz) (+xyz) for hp/mp, and should always show the right numbers.

- A bug that was changing an item into an item that was swapped in a user's inventory is now fixed.

- /size 0 now resets your size back to normal, as was intended.

- Fixed guild hall not working sometimes

- Jeweled Vestige no longer applies 0.75x duration twice, and now no longer removes permanent effects such as The Hideout's Heart corruption on full charge.

- Man O War now has a much better description for its passive.

- Larry gun passive skin change now works on all classes, instead of only archer.

- Seaborn scripture now works with boom headshot.

- Larry gun now has the correct proc chance instead of 97.5% chance to proc

- Animated textures such as charm of the wicked's torii will no longer reset when reskinned.

- Party "bugging" is potentially fixed (Inviting multiple players to your party, and those players accepting at the same time, bypassing the party limit).

- Defense Cap node now has the correct description (yes, it has always worked like that; the description was just incorrect).

- Fixed never before seen not losing invisible when unequipping the item

Changes / QoL

- Using items in quick succession should now be much smoother, and feel much snappier (using potions in quick succession for example, as there was a larger delay before.)

- Battlepass levels past 100 now give random rewards from a pool of:
Elite Crate, Battlepass Rewards, Alert Token, Trial Tokens (Medium), Trial Tokens (High), Piece of the Realm, Super Scripture #1, Super Scripture #2, Oryx Crate, Random Legendary Unlocker, Philosopher's Stone

- AR Dagger has a new effect:
 - On hit, 4% chance to summon a poniard minion that orbits and fires shots towards the enemy, and then explodes into 6 shots on despawn.

- Readded AR Wand passive, now called Cursed Barrage of Corruption. (Also nerfed from pre-wipe to be in-line with other ARs)

- Option for backpack swapping is now added back.

- Event spawns have been redistributed
There are slightly fewer high-traffic/endgame events in exchange for reducing the occurrence of unwanted/crude events considerably.

- Phalgomor changes:
 - Most (not all) projectile ID mixups were resolved. No more insta-pops.
 - Most Flashing behaviors were removed due to performance issues.
 - Slight HP and defense rebalance; overall a buff. Phalgomor himself wasn't touched.
 - WRATH MIND bloodcleaves deal less damage.
 - ALPHA, SIGMA, OMEGA VERBATIM deal less damage, but pierce armor.

- Massive changes to UT and FB droprates (much rarer!)

- Removed the announcement for when someone completes an alert.

- Added options for hiding crafting announcements.

- Added vault, guild hall, character selector to the latest krov-themed vault map.

- Tooltips now dynamically scale their size based on your window size.

- Increased amount of distance you can zoom out on skill tree.

- Increased inspiration for most classes.

- Added inspiration to all Templar banners.

- Reduced the inspiration gain on Dreadcull and Skulls.

- Added and reworked some lines from the realm announcer.

- Added more keys to the Nexus.

- Aggressive! skill tree node now has the same priority as trickster decoys.

- You can now use /marketall (/mall) to market things based on slot, as well as using the full name. (If there are any issues/unintended things with this, please make a ticket asap!)

- You can now use k in place of 000 in /market and /mall listings. (ex. 100k for 100000, 1k for 1000)

- Stats are now highlighted in skilltree description tooltips.

- Random Legendary Unlocker now shows the item you recieved to all players.

- Realm count is back down to 2.

- Moving skill tree with right click now no longer moves it at different speeds based on client size.

- Soul buster was removed from UDL first (Septavious), and now only exists in Ascended UDL.

- Raised the range on Soulcatcher minions from 6 to 9.

- Changed vials missions to rat bags missions

- Changed equip aspect missions to skilltree unlock node missions

- Changed equip mark/node missions to skilltree node reset missions

- Changed "enter an instance as a 24/24 character" to forge item missions

- All shop items from raids now cost a flat 300 onrane, which is in-line with onrane cost of one essence.

- Removed Group Purification on Malgor's Invigorating Charm, Unholy Tome, and Tome of Purification.

- Doubled the chance for Atonement passive to activate all around, and reduced the damage by 40-50% to accommodate.


  • Arcanuo
  • BQ
  • Comfrog
  • Deathmod
  • Faux
  • G+
  • Kipp
  • Liv
  • Lumpian
  • Orbit
  • Sebafra
  • Summer
  • VCC members
  • Waterfiend
  • Zipzar