6.2.0 Festival Of Remembrance

6.2.0 Festival Of Remembrance

Hello everyone. For all of those who celebrate, Happy Lunar New Year. As well as a Happy Valentines Day. With this in mind we are all very excited to announce the launch of a new event called Festival of Remembrance, a whole dungeon rework, lots of balancing and new items in specific with the addition of a new AR. We also have tons of rate changes and realm changes across the board.

We are also bringing back our update feedback forms! We very much appreciate all your constructive feedback for any changes that you feel were very good, or things that need improvement.

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Festival of Remembrance

Feb 14 - Feb 28th

As verdant energies throughout the earthly planes reach their paramount intensity, Heroes of Valor join in dance, song, and revelry as natural laws thin the torrential energies that separate the Dimensional Planes. Echoes of affection from family, friends, and lovers pierce the First Spell, allowing precious glimpses of the lives they've left behind through honeyed prose from their kin.

Coalescing in the souls of the Realm's fiercest foes, Ebbs of Sentiment can be collected and transmuted into any of several heart-warming letters from loved ones sequestered away in the Earthly Planes. For now, over a few short weeks, our Heroes are reminded of what their ancestors gave up long ago to resist the terrible reign of Sidon.

Upon completing a stack of 12 Ebbs of Sentiment, consume the stack to gain a Passionate, Thoughtful, or Playful letter from a loved one. Consuming the letter gives you a stat boost for the rest of the instance.

A new Valentines Event boss has been added, which can be accessed as a public challenge from combining any of the three letters with an Elemental Sor in the forge in nexus. This is used the same way as an Insignias of Valor! The boss drops the Letter of Love (Ancient Relic Spell reskin), Valentines Reskin Shard, and all of the reskinned items from the Shard itself.

Valentine's Shard

With this event comes the return of our Valentine's Shard & certain drops have been replaced with their valentine themed reskins. This shard is attainable from:

  • Raid Bosses
  • Challenge Bosses
  • Trial Bosses
  • Major Dungeon Bosses
  • GoCs & Illus

Shard Loot Table

  • Beguiling Fisherman's Bower - Reskin of Flaming Horizons Anchor
  • Heartblight Spirit - Reskin of Destruction Spirit
  • Necklace of Emotional Damage - Reskin of Necklace of Undead Support
  • Vizkel's Unruly Garments - Reskin of Vizkel's Unholy Garments
  • Spindled Flameheart - Reskin of Fiery Magma Stone
  • Heart of Ravagers - Reskin of Skull of Ravagers

Reskinned drops

  • Seal of Sigmatic Persuasion - Reskin of Seal of Insane Reasoning
  • The Groom's Tuxedo - Reskin of Vardon's Resilience
  • The Bride's Dress - Reskin of March of the Army
  • Affectionate Headpiece - Reskin of Rabbit's Foot
  • Letter of Love - Reskin of Page of Catatonia

New Items & Balancing

The balance document is quite massive (14 pages!), and includes everything from curse changes, to reforge fixes and tweaks, to a bunch of new legendaries, a new AR, and a bunch of new crafts. Let us know your thoughts in the discord server!

A large change we made to supplement gold income in the game is gold now drops randomly from all XP-dropping enemies in the game!

Non-boss enemies give 1 - 5 gold  at a 5% chance

Non-boss raid enemies   give 5 - 15 gold     at a 10% chance

Realm events give 100 - 150 gold     at a 40% chance

Non-raid bosses  give 150 - 225 gold at a 40% chance

Raid bosses  give 500 - 1,200 gold at a 100% chance


Basement Rework

The Abandoned Basement has been reworked by Summer, and will now provide a much more engaging boss fight, relegating this fight to be mid-end game.

Accompanying the rework is a new LG Staff drop (that shoots beams!), Sidon's Shard Fragments, and a secret mystery item for a piece of content coming in the future.

The dungeon now drops from a new realm event, the Eye of Mayhem, and has been removed from the Large Sor Crystals from Sorgigas.

Realm Changes & Other

Please note that the below notes are incomplete compared to the Update Doc.

Please view it here for the complete list.

Drop Rate Changes

  • Heavy increase of drop rate for non dropping ARs.
  • Targetted LG drop rate increases for super high outliers.
  • Healthy drop rate increase for pieces of the realm.
  • Healthy drop rate increase for runes.
  • Fixes/Removals for remaining top damagers for Shine Drops.

See document for complete list.

Masquerade of Doom

  • Increased Base HP of both miniboss puppets from 125k --> 250k. Gave them both armored and immunity to paralyze, stun and slowed
  • Reduced base hp of Marionne to 1.75m --> 1.25m
  • Raised Hp scale from 125k --> 175k
  • Removed a lot of leech spots within all phasesRemoved a lot of bullet spam within 3rd and 4th phase. As well as adjusted behaviour for 3rd dps phase
  • Added Maestro Gloves, gchace, ochace, 1k gold, and guarenteed might & mana to loot table
  • Adjusted base radius and orbit variance from 4 & 2.5 --> 5 & 1 respectively

Other Miscellaneous Changes

  • Added Manor, CDepths and WLab Keys to Gold Box
  • Increased min and max spawn for all realm Set Pieces to 15 to 30
  • Swapped Dubass and Brazil Emote for Sus and Salute Emote in Premium Boxes
  • Increase Niolru Base HP (9k --> 15k) & add more buffers before they shoot. Adjusted its behaviour too and cut down on shotgun dmg by half and gave it armor piercing
  • Massive price reductions in Housing Store.
  • Added Regular Hammer to Gold Box
  • Increase Construct of Zol Base HP (30k --> 75k) & Added a slight HP scale. Adjusted its behaviour as well
  • Fixes for reforging removing ItemData.
  • Adjusted Shtrs Blobomb projectile sprite & reduced number of shots
  • Fixed alot of enemies and objects not having proper Slow Immunity. (There were over 100)
  • Added global hp scaling to Vitalia & Granithia
  • Raised base radius for ScaleHP Formula 20 --> 30 tiles


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  • BQ
  • Comfrog
  • Deathmod
  • Finnish
  • G+
  • Kipp
  • Liv
  • Lumpian
  • Tehend
  • Orbit
  • Sebafra
  • Summer
  • VCC members
  • Waterfiend
  • Zipzar