6.3.0 Update: Easter Special & Balancing 🥚

6.3.0 Update: Easter Special & Balancing 🥚

Hi all. Happy Easter.🥚🐇

This blog post is a little small, as the Update Document is quite massive. Guild rewards are now available. Please note that the google document is over 40 pages and copying it here would be a super long blog. This mainly focuses on small bullet points and general changes.

While this update doesn't introduce any new content, it does take a look at some of the most played dungeons, and is a massive balancing effort. While some classes such as Magus are not touched, as they are pending a full rework, almost every other class is adjusted. This is an effort to create more rewarding and balanced gameplay as we continue to take feedback and observe from the wipe.

We're super appreciative of everyone who gave feedback during premium testing, and hope to run more sessions in the future.

20% Sale on Ranks & Kantos up until Easter Monday end.

April Fools & Easter

🐰 Happy easter! 🐰

The Easter Event and reskins will be live for roughly three weeks! The Easter Eggs may end before.

Make sure to crack easter eggs to complete the special quests!

Reskins Currently Dropping Original
Dreadcool Dreadcull
Clarinet Clarent
Red Pill Garnet’s Onslaught
Blue Pill Jade’s Judgement
Crab Launcher Malignant Slasher
Crustacean Post Horrific Limb
Gluttonous Burger Ferocious Gambit
A Shocking Aubergine An Astonishing Happening
The Pizza Cutter The Chaos Theory
The Chef's Knife Bloodbath Dagger
Chef Chief’s Uniform God Blood Robes
Banner of the Free Delivery Banner of the Blood Mountains
Chef Chief’s Hat Titan Blood Armor

Funky Reskinned Bosses:

  • The Zaragon
  • Larry Giggsman & Yazanahar
  • Garutious

Easter Eggs From Bosses

Easter Eggs have a small chance to spawn in the Mid & Godlands! They are small enemies that behave similar to Mysterious Crystal and drop some small "Easter Egg" loot such as pots and scrolls! Keep an eye out for a very very small chance at the cosmetic orb as well.


The Avatar has been reworked, both behaviorwise and visually!

Special Keys & Legendary Items

There are now new Special Ability keys that will be used for upcoming item effects (and will replace the usage of some on-ability-use effects). The default keys for them are F1 - F4, and can be rebound in settings. F1 = weapon, F2 = ability, etc.


Hexes now roll randomly, instead of from the generated list. Each hex pairing is now determined by the tier of the positive hex, with 3 tiers for each. 10% Chance for no negative hex to be rolled.

Buffed Bosses changed to be +10% to HP, Defense, and Damage, and now gives 10% extra Loot Boost.

There are now 3 tiers of “Increased Alert Chance”, 1%, 2.5%, and 4% per skilltree level (100%, 250%, 400% increased chance at max level)

Each Positive & Negative Hex has been slightly adjusted. Please see the google document for the full numbers.


  • Adjustments and fixes for skilltree.
  • Bravery updated and split.
  • Drakzix Rebalanced.
  • Mystic Rebalanced.
  • Rogue Rebalanced.
  • Mechanic Rebalanced.
  • Huntress Rebalanced.
  • Archer Rebalanced.
  • Assassin Rebalanced.


  • 10+ new legendaries to fill gaps.
  • Shines are now tradeable, with drop rates slightly reduced to compensate.
  • Realm Events updated behavior wise.
  • Improvements to Velmuth.
  • Changes to Malgor.
  • Improvements to Titan.
  • Improvements to Zol.
  • Dozens of bug fixes for effects and bosses.