BattlePass FAQ


The Battle Pass is in essence a quest & reward system. You complete auto-assigned missions in exchange for rewards.

Battle Passes are broken into "seasons". Seasons last roughly three months. Every season there is a set of new rewards, as well as a refresh and update for missions.

Witch's Grove - Accessible in Nexus

The Battlepass & Mission menus may be accessed here.


There are two tiers of rewards in the Battle Pass. Normal & Premium rewards. They represent two categories.


Normal rewards are accessible to all players, and unlock as the battle pass progresses.

The pass contains

Special Items

  • x2 Orb of Transformation (Reskinning)
  • Excessive Storage Bag
  • Ability Tracker
  • Historical Declaration
  • x2 Pieces
  • 5+ Alerts
  • 2 Token Crates (Shard Chest)
  • 5+ Elite Crate Rewards (1, 2, or 3 eboxes)
  • x2 Pieces
  • Eons
  • Fabled Crates
  • Philosopher's Stone
  • Master Eon


Unlock Reskin Orbs, exclusive skins, and much more as you progress your way through the Battle Pass. This version of the pass costs 2100 Kantos every season or can be purchased from the store for $10.

Special Items

  • 4x Exclusive Skins
  • Fire 'N Ice Vault Map (Multi-Use)
  • 2x Exclusive Pets
  • 10+ Orbs of Transformation
  • 2x Excessive Storage
  • Extra Alerts (mirrors normal alerts)
  • Housing Items
  • Arcanuo house target.
Excessive Storage Bag!

Item Reskinning

Orb of Transformation

This is a mechanic introduced in the Battle Pass S1.

Orb Of Transformation

This item is used in the Sor Forge to transform other items to seasonal reskins.

How does reskinning work ?

You use Orb of Transformation in the forge and select any item and choose one of two themes of sprites ( Fire & Ice / Nature ) you can reskin from AR's to tiered weapons the choice is up to you!

All in one reskins of items by type:                                                                         Daggers:








Premium Unlocker


Missions are assigned Quests, that when completed grant XP & progress the Battle Pass, unlocking its rewards.


  • Five missions every day.
  • Two new missions every week.


  • All seasonal is unlocked. New seasonal missions are injected mid season.


1) How many missions do I get per day?

Every day you get two new dailies. Once a week, you gain three new weeklies. All seasonals are unlocked from the beginning, with new ones appearing midseason.

2) How many missions are there?

There are over 100+ different mission types, from exploring the realm to crafting. The system is designed to reward you passively while playing, but also provide direction if you're looking for something to focus on.

3) What if I don't like a mission?

You will need to wait for it to expire, but there is no negative impact. In feature seasons, we plan on adding Quest Recycling.

4) If I progress through the normal pass, and then buy the premium pass, do I get the rewards?

Yes! You can grab the premium pass at any time, and it will unlock all rewards up to your normal progression.

5) How do I access the battle pass?

The battle pass is available from the nexus. Follow the red arrows until you reach a Grove area. There is an NPC woman which opens the pass.

6) How long is a season?

Seasons currently last three months.

7) Is the battlepass P2W?

It is not. The premium portion of the Battle Pass does not contain any game-loot or game currency. It contains pets, item reskiners, upgraded backpacks, and exclusive unlocks. The only slightly game-related perk is mirrored alerts, but we feel is fair given the ability to trade unlockers.

8) Why should I progress the battle pass? Do I have to?!?

No pressure. Don't feel pigeon-holed. If being told what to do isn't your thing, you can completely ignore it with no penalty. Missions? Those aren't for you, and that's ok. For the rest of us? Pick it up at any time throughout the season and gain tangible in-game rewards.

The design behind the normal rewards is to allow small but useful tidbits of progression, as well as tangible rewards for actual character/account progression such as the Lost Scripture's and pieces.

9) Are there any exclusive battle pass items?

The majority of the premium pass contents are exclusive to that season.

In terms of normal rewards, the rank 100 rewards are generally exclusive.

With regards to loot, the following items/item redeemers are available from the pass:

  • Alert Token (Redeems for one alert.)
  • Trial Tokens (Low, Medium, High variants)
  • Loot Crates (Redeemable for random chance at multiple crates, all crates supported.)
  • Battle Pass Crates. (Redeemable for rewards, such as Insignias, Scriptures & Super Scriptures)