Bot V1.9

Hello guys!

Somewhat of a minor update this time, most of the work has been made under the hood. So nothing that will affect you other than it's easier for me to work on the bot.

I'm pretty dried up on ideas, so if you got any good, add them in #suggestions. I'd appreciate it a lot.
The next update is 2.0 and I'd like it to be a bit bigger than this one :)

Receive your sales on login!

Once you've been offline for at least 1 hour, the bot will automatically DM you your sales when you log in. This is to de-clog the #bot channel from "-sales" spams.

You can deactivate this feature if it gets annoying because you're a super mega pro auctioneer :) (Do "-nosales" in #bot)

Market Sales are now DB stored!

With V1.8 I introduced the "Market Tracker" which stored all your market sales for you to view! This system saved everything in memory, and that ment that if I restarted the bot all of the saved market data would be deleted.

I've now switched it over to being stored on the database, so even if the bot crashes/restarts, your sales will be kept safe :)
(but still only for 24H, then they will be auto-removed from the database).

New look to the sales

As I stated in the last bot blog post, I'd most likely update the "style" of sales from plain text to embeds. And I've now done that! They are still very basic, but better than before :)