Bot V2.0

Bot V2.0

Hello dear people, yours truly here, Orbit.

I've been adding anything I could think of into the bot for this update; I wanted it to be a bit bigger as it's 2.0, and I hope I did a good job. Most of the changes are related to moderators and tickets, so it will only affect you when using our systems and support.

Reworked information gathering

Up to this point, I've sent requests to the server asking for information such as your IGN or character information, etc. I've now switched from that and implemented the same database project the Valor server uses straight into the bot. This means that I can ask the prod database directly for your information instead of depending on the server. So even though the server is completely off, the bot will still function to 95%. It also opens up many possibilities now that I can get all your characters/accounts etc., directly in the bot. Have an eye out for some cool spoilers!

Password resets in tickets

There is now password resets directly in the bot. This simplifies a lot of things for our moderators and users.

It works the same way as our 2FA reset, there will be an embed with some general info, and the mods can then proceed. There will be a new password randomly generated for you and posted in the ticket.

New Moderation tools

Lookup Command

The new Lookup command Mods can get a quick overview of a user based on their IGN or acc id. This embed shows IGN, Email, etc. but most importantly, "Related Accounts," which are all the accounts bound to that user's IP.

Modify Command

This command makes it possible to change the Ticket type and game. This is to make categorization better within the ticket system. So if a player creates the wrong ticket type, a moderator can change it.

And as I recently learned, Discord's rate limiting on renaming channels is two requests per 10 minutes. So I had to design a queue system for the renaming of these modified tickets. There will be one name change every 10 minutes.

Reworked claiming tickets

If you claimed a ticket before this update, it would lock out all other mods for the ticket, and that was pretty bad. Most of our mods work together on tickets, and it must be visible for everyone. Therefore when you claim a ticket now, it's more of a visual and responsibility thing.

The moderator that claims the ticket will be the one responsible for it getting finished. For example, if a ticket gets paused, it's the claimed mod's responsibility to keep the user updated if they're bumping it.

General notes

Saving last known IGN

The bot is now saving the last known IGN you had. So when you unlink your account, we keep the IGN you had at that point for reference, and all users who request your IGN via the bot will get that.

Restricting the vouch commands

The vouch commands now require you to be linked with your in-game account. This is to prevent scamming and false vouches. "-vouch help" and "-vouches" will still be available to everyone.

Increased refresh on the Player Category (again)

In the last update, we went from 60s -> 120s, and this update will make that even worse. I've recently learned that Discord only allows two name changes per 10 minutes, and I will therefore change the update time from 120s -> 600s. So it will be a lot less accurate but still, give you a hint of how many players there are online.

To get a more precise online count, do "-online"


  • Fixed a bug where 2FA resets wouldn't work
  • Fixed a bug where Password resets wouldn't work