Bot V3.4

Bot V3.4

The bot is continuing to get new graphics features, as we now have a solid foundation making it easier than ever to build good-looking and efficient pictures in code.

This update brings a new Price Check command, where you can use the same "/pc" command as you're used to in-game to get a new graphic showing relevant information. As well as some new requested features and improvements.

Price Check Command

/pc (string item)

Displays a graphic showing the lowest price, the current amount of sales in the market, and sale history over the past seven days.

Also displays the current lowest price, as well as the average sell price over the past seven days in text form for searchability.

Price Check Graphic with graph
Example of Price Check Graphic when there haven't been enough sales in the past seven days 

If the given item name isn't found, the bot will do its best to autocomplete and show up to 3 similar items as the input. You can see the percentage of certainty in parentheses.  

Updated Player cards

Old: /playercard
New: /playercard (optional int charid)

You can now choose the character you want to display on a player card.

Doing "/playercard" will automatically choose the "best" character as usual. But you can now also include a character ID in the command to select whatever character you want.

The only requirement is it being an alive character.

All the character images have also been updated to be more unified with the item images. This means they have outlines and shadows, just like in-game.

Skins have now also been added to player cards, so all characters with a skin will now show up correctly.

Priest with skin

RWT Announcements

Every 45 minutes, the bot will send out a message in the #rwt channel containing information and tips regarding RWT.

Example RWT announcement. The title and message are customizable per message.


  • Rewrote MarketTracker to save all sales to the database
  • Incorporated MarketDb into the bot to make calls directly to the production market
  • Added player cards to refund tickets.
  • Lots of cleanups
  • Rewrote CommandHandler; all commands are now threaded
  • Changed all commands to the new improved system
  • Console logging changes
  • Made changes to several math functions in player cards to make outlines inline instead of outline. It now doesn't overflow the box.
  • Changed the AutosizedText function to be correctly centered instead of some pixels off.

Any feedback or suggestion are welcomed in the #suggestions channel.
I try to read most of the bot suggestions and mark all the ones that I have or plan to implement with a star.
I'm very thankful for all the ideas and suggestions you continue to come up with.

Thanks, everyone
// Orbit