Bot V3.5

Bot V3.5

This update comes with many under-the-hood changes as well as small and significant changes.

Player card changes

Seasonal player cards are here!

Every season we plan to release a custom player card. The Halloween card has been out for half a month and looks super sexy. Seasonal player cards replace the "Premium" card, which means you need to be at least Premium (20) to receive them.

It will last until the 15th of November at 00:00 UTC, when it switches back to the normal "Premium" card. Then on the 1st of December, with Bot V3.6 and 4.5.0, the Winter card should go live.

Thanks to BQ for creating the card and natorblake for the suggestion!


Any dye on a character will now show up in the player card!

This, combined with the new functionality to use any hex color, will hopefully create some really cool characters to show off!

GIF Everything!!

All player cards are now gifs to make it easier to save them.

Simply press the little star when hovering on the player card to save it on Discord.

Changes in #loots-and-deaths

Loot drops now show what enemy dropped the item. This is to help show where a player got a specific item and where ARs have dropped during AR Mixup events.

Suggested by: Klups

Death cards now get posted when an Ascended character dies. This, instead of doing 24/24 characters, should show more deaths.

Suggested by: endless and DraaQ1

Changes to vouching

The vouch process has been changed to improve the flow and make it easier to understand (while making it harder to do wrong).

After selecting the rating, you now need to enter the transaction value (usually asked for last).

After the value has been entered, you will be asked to "Open Model."

This will open a Discord Modal and ask for information you usually had to type directly in the text channel.

After you've submitted, the channel will get removed, and the vouch is done!

Numpad input in refund tickets

I've introduced a Numpad input in refund tickets to make it easier and less confusing.

Error messages are embedded directly into the Numpad:

Misc changes and bug fixes

  • Disabled the "Minecraft" button on all tickets, as there currently isn't a need for any Minecraft-related tickets.
  • Added support for the new suggestion channel using Discord Forums
  • Fixed so /pc shows the current cheapest sale. Bot Market wasn't updating properly.
  • Changed RWT Announcements from 45min -> 60min
  • Changed the reply functions to always use Embeds when replying to look better and more unified.
  • Reworked how all interactions are handled in the bot.
  • Reworked the Bridge. Entirely removed the HTTP solution we used before and now use InterServer communication to directly talk to the servers.
  • Updated and Added alot of the missing raids and drops images.