Bot V3.7

Bot V3.7

It's been a while, but here is a new bot update!

Here is a TLDR:

  • Automated tickets are fully automated through the bot and need no moderator intervention. The first two are Password resets through Account tickets and RWT trade tickets.
  • The "Two refunds per 30 days" policy is now removed. You can create unlimited refund tickets.
  • Refund tickets are now limited to linked users only
  • RWT role is automatically applied when you verify; you can opt-out via the rwt-opt-out channel in Discord.
  • Lots of new moderator commands.

Automated Tickets

Here are the two new automated tickets. More to come!

Automated Password Resets

To use the automated password reset you need to be linked and also have 2FA enabled.

See the images below on how to use it. It's pretty straightforward.

Automated RWT Tickets

Once both have agreed that the trade is done, the ticket will check if both of you have vouched for each other before. If you have, it will instantly close and send both of you a transcript:

Otherwise, it will wait until the vouches have gone through before closing:

New and Updated Moderator Commands

Lots of moderator commands have been updated or newly added.

  • IP ban/unban
  • Ban/Unban
  • In-game Mute and Un-mute
  • Further enhancements to the lookup command


Orbit (Automated tickets, refund policy changes)

Comfrog (Moderator command changes)