Bot V4.1.0

Bot V4.1.0

Another large update!

Been working more on the bot than at my actual job 🤓

Some cool new additions and changes I hope you enjoy!

Did you know?
The color next to raid notifications relates to the portal's lifetime.
Green: Open
Orange: Closing soon
Red: Closed


We've now introduced Badges that can be applied to your player cards!

Some badges are given automatically (for example, the rank badges below), while some are given manually to show appreciation to community members and staff.

MVP Badge
Premium Badge
VIP Badge

Animated Characters

Walking | Right
Attacking | Down

Even more moving pixels! :O

You can now select between 3 different animations:

  • Standing (Static)
  • Walking
  • Attacking

And 3 different directions:

  • Right
  • Down
  • Left

You can easily change your card settings using the new Settings command.

You can currently only change direction if you have a non-static animation selected.

New Settings

In 4.1.0 we've introduced a new and simple settings command for you.

This allows you to easily change notification settings or select your preferred player card.

The command works anywhere in the Valor Discord; only you can see it.

Event Notifications

You can now opt-in to receive pings when certain realm events spawn.

How to select events and raids to be notified about:

To select what raids and events you want to be notified about, head to the "Channels & Roles" tab in the Valor Discord. It's at the top of all channels.

Then you can easily select all the events and raids you'd like to get pings for.

The bot will automatically mention a role you get assigned once the event spawns in the realm.


You can now look up the in-game tooltip for any item using the /tooltip command.

This command (and /pc) now has true auto-complete.
Item names will get auto-completed while you type the command, instead of afterward.

Price Check 2.0

You can now select a timespan for price checks to alter the graph and average price shown.

Day (default): past 7 days
Week: past 7 weeks
Month: past 7 months

Email verification

Moderators can now verify you as the account holder by sending you an automated email with a verification code.

This feature is currently locked to moderators only, so you need to open an Account ticket and request a password reset there.

This will most likely become a fully automated feature you can opt-in to somewhere in the near future.

Carlbot replacement

All functions we use Carlbot for have now been ported over to ValorBot

This includes things as:

  • Custom editable embeds
  • Role buttons with requirements
  • Lots of logging
  • Sticky roles
  • /avatar command


  • Added drop shadows behind some text
  • Changes to internal commands
  • Depreciated InfoStore
  • Changes to disposing
  • Changes to the visibility of executed staff commands