Trial & Tribulation Festival

Welcome to the Trials & Tribulations festival. This is a pretty jampacked blog post. We release the first use for Contracts - daily rewards. Complete a contract everyday in order to get your daily trial points, as well as a chance at the new Scavenger Chest.

Challenge rewards begin to roll out to kick off our festival. During this festival, we'll be releasing Housing & at the very end releasing the fourth trial!

Trials & Tribulations - 4 Week Festival

This is a four week long festival to celebrate the conclusion of Challenge League, as well as the changes coming to trials. Anyone who was around for the Christmas Festival will remember the scoring system. During Christmas, a massive stack of presents was used to count our community wide contributions. This time it's a magical fountain, filled with Challenge Points.

Sprite Credit: BQ

Honor Points?

Honor Points are community wide points earned by completing Festival Contracts. As the whole server completes contracts, the amount of globally collected points goes up, unlocking server-wide rewards and prizes.

How To Earn Honor Points?

Complete Contracts in order to get Honor Points. Every event killed in a contract is one Honor Point. You also receive a couple extra Honor Points per contract as a reward for completing it.

How Do Contracts Work?

Contracts are an inventory consumable that keeps tracks of Realm Event kills that you participate in. Defeat Level 20+ Realm Event bosses, and than double-click the completed contract in order to earn a chance at a daily Scavenger Chest, as well as your daily trial points.

Only Level 20 Realm Events will be detected. This is the majority of Quest tagged realm bosses, but does exclude Cube God, Skull Shrine, and a few others, as they are level 15 quests. This restriction is to stop Ogre kings & Midland Quests from counting towards contract progression.

Festival Pool

The Festival Pool is similar to the Present Pile from Christmas. It's an in-game counter for the amount of total Honor Points. It will be in the nexus for the duration of the Trials & Tribulation Festival. It will update every minute or so, displaying in real-time the communities progress.

Credit: TehEnd

You may only work/progress one contract at a time.

How Do I Get More Than One Contract A Day?

Trials. All Trials are currently guaranteed at least one contract per run, with a high chance for every user in the run to get a trial. The more trials you complete, the higher the max quest limit will be. Which in turns allows you to contribute points faster.

You can even complete dropped contracts in advance, than save them in order to get daily rewards each day.

Community Leaderboards

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Community Rewards

All rewards require a reboot in order to go into effect. These happen every 8-12 hours. Loot boosts should not require a reboot.

Every user who reaches over 100+ completed Contracts will receive a Website Profile badge, similar to "Saved Christmas" from the Winter Festival.

2500 Points

  • 10% Loot Boost.

10000 Points.

  • Shine Discount. (-5000) off all shines.

25000 Points.

  • Scripture Discount. 25k BF to max for the rest of the event.

70000 Points.

  • Double Daily Trial Tokens from Daily Contracts.

150000 Points.

  • Everyone who logs in during the housing release, after this milestone has been reached will unlock a small selection of tiles, and objects from the Trials.

??? Points.

  • Potentially a reward at 500,000. We're currently double-checking we'll be able to finish this mechanic in time.

Weekly Festival Schedule

Week 1 - Automatic Unlocks.

  • Malgor is dropping Clarinet all week.
  • Trial Tokens are double from Realm Protector Bags.

Week 2

  • Friday Night Movie Night.
  • Saturday Weekend Raid-A-Thon.
  • Larry drops increased, and LAAAAARY is dropping.

Week 3

  • Housing release.
  • New Nexus.

Week 4

  • Trial 4 Release.

Scavenger Chests - Changes to Daily Rewards

Scavenger Chests are the newest addition to the Crate world. They are part of the new Daily Rewards & Quest system. Complete and turn in a contract everyday in return for the chance at a Scavenger Chest. The very first contract you receive a chance at the Scavenger Chest as well as your daily trial tokens. This is a rework of the /rewards command, and is a little more interactive.

This is a replacement and upgrade to the old boring /rewards command. Realm Events are something both beginners and advanced players can battle against. You do not need to land the killing blow, you just need to participate.

These are similar to eboxes, but instead of shards focus more on Elemantal Sors & Pieces of the Realm. It also features a Scavenger Chest only consumable. The tecpatl, which is a mana/wisdom oriented inventory buff.

Scavenger Chest Drops

Super Very Rare:

  • Piece of the Realm.
  • Sor Crystal.
  • Elemental Sor Crystal.
  • Tecpatl. (New multi-use consumable.)


  • Sor Fragment Cache.
  • Ultimate Onrane Cache.
  • Insignia of Valor.
  • Potion Upgrades.


  • Tiny Sor Fragment.
  • Small Sor Fragment.
  • Onrane Cache.

Tecpatl - Consumable Sacrificial Dagger

Potion Storage Upgrades

  • Potion Storage upgrades now grant a singular slot per use.

Misc Fixes

  • /rewards cooldown in hours is now rounded properly. Was 10+ decimal digits before.
  • Buffed Larry's scaling in the Realm. We had a lot of reports of it dying way too fast.
  • Festival Contracts now drop from all trial chests.
  • Shortened the length of the trial chests invulnerability phase after spawning. (10s -> 7s)
  • UDL & Abyss saw slight changes to their piece rates. 10% adjustment or so.
  • Fixed an issue where certain links to the website in the client were redirecting to http and showing a default page. We now just redirect those links into the correct version.
  • Premium Testing countdown now says "EXPIRED" when their is no testing scheduled rather than displaying a negative counter.
  • Oryx The Mad God 3 had his base HP scaling increased. He also now has armored in his beginning phases.
  • Drop rate of Saturn Orbit's was increased. Basically reverted the old nerf.
  • 10, 000 gold drops are now slightly rarer from Fallen Raid Bosses.
  • New remastered Sprite Music. Turn on sound and check it out! (Credit TDAMORE & ENNWAY).
  • /lb now shows festival bonuses when they are active.
  • Tower of Aldragine is properly dropping now.
  • Brutal Fiend’s Foothold is properly dropping now.

Class & Aspect   Balancing

Blade Master

  • Dexterity: 100 -> 95.


  • Luck: 100 -> 95.
  • Attack: 80 -> 75.


  • Might: 55 -> 60 Stat Cap.
  • Attack: 55 -> 60 Stat Cap.

Aspect of Garutious

  • Generate 5 Surge whenever taking a 50+ damage shot →  10 surge whenever taking 25+ damage shot.

Aspect of Gargoyle

  • When you Stand Still for 5 Seconds, Gain Armored, Healing, and Paralyze Immunity (4 seconds) →  stand still for 3 seconds.

Challenge League

Prizes for Challenge League for Top 3 will be out within 48hours, and everyone in the top 150 will receive their prizes within 72hours.

1) Fecty - Atonement.

2) Dog - Wand.

3) Mama - LAAAAAAARY Gun.

Feedback - Challenge League

Form >

The above is a feedback form for Season One of Challenge League. This form is so we can hear your feedback and improve in future seasons.

JrMod Applications

We're once again looking for new JrMods to join the team. We start of all staff members off as JrMods, than after a month period promote them to Moderator and begin to specialize with each new Moderator. Common specializations are balancing, tickets, or community events. If you have been looking to be more involved in Valor, we urge you to apply.

Applications will be open for 7-10 days.

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