Custom Package Guidelines

Custom Donator Packages may be purchased here, under the custom tab.


Q: Do I need to provide my own sprite for my package?

A: Yes, all customs are BYOS (Bring Your Own Sprite).

Q: Why do I need to provide my own sprite?

A: This is to keep costs down and to avoid locking anyone into something they do not want. This allows you to get the exact sprite you want, and reduce wait times.

Q: What if I don't have a sprite for my package?

A: You can purchase the pack and hold off on implementing it until you find a spriter. Please note that most spriters will charge for their services.

Q: Where can I find community spriters?

A: We've included additional information on how the sprites should look, as well as a list of community spriters. Any deal made with them is separate from our services.

Q: When will my custom be added?

A: Your custom will be added with the next major hotfix or patch, whichever is closest. We'll do our best to get these in ASAP.

Q: What do I do after purchasing a package?

A: If you already have the sprite for your package, all you need to do is open up a #donation-ticket via #create-ticket, explain that you just purchased a package, and an admin will respond ASAP and let you know roughly when it will be in-game.



Skins should be 8x8, and have all the needed skin frames. They should be accompanied by a dyemask.



Pets can be either 16x16 or 8x8 and are three frames in total.


Example pet

Spriter List

This is a list of spriters who have done work for Valor in the past. You do not have

Some of these spriters accept payment via in-game gold and items, where others are real-world currency only. Any deals made with them are separate. If you are a spriter who like to be added to this list, please open a ticket. Please note we're looking to only list HQ and frequently available spriters, and you should be apart of the Private Server Community. If players report issues, you will be removed.

  • G+
  • Ohwy

All the currently listed spriters can be found on our side-bar. If you are a non-valor Spriter who would like to be listed, please reach out to Arcanuo#7512.