Game recording

First of all many valorians use Game bar to record their gameplay, so what is game bar and how do I enable it? Game bar is a customizable gaming overlay for windows 10. Game bar works with most games, allowing you to record clips of your favorite game or screen shot something funny. Now how to enable it it's simple

1- Open up settings menu via cogwheel in the start menu

2- Click the gaming option in the settings menu

3- Select Game bar

4- Turn it on and it should look like the picture below

You can also customize the shortcuts for better use

You can also head into the Game DVR to customize some of the settings there to suit your taste, here's the settings you can configure in the image below

Nvidia GPU

If you have a Nvidia gpu you can use it with valor to reduce Β the fps lag that can occur, and here's how you can do it too

OBS Replay Buffer

This allows you to record the last 30 seconds of gameplay/audio by simply pressing a button. Heres how you can enable it on OBS.

If you don't have OBS you should install it here, now to enable obs replay buffer simply head into settings --> Output --> replay buffer and enable it or simply follow the gif below

note you can also change the replay time to what ever you like but i recommend 30s