3.3.7 - January Update

Congratulations to our new Helpers Sweet & Waterfiend. If you see them, make sure to congratulate them.

There are two new anchors in this update. The one is a UT dropping from Ascended Ocean Trench, with an Elemental Sor Crystal upgrade that is a Legendary Item. There is a new Fabled Crate Rotation.

UTitan Testing

UTitan will be available for all VIP & Above users on our test server next weekend before it is released the following week. There will be a discord post with more information.

We will also be testing some item balancing during this test session.

Realm & General Game Changes

  • The nexus is still "Winterified" but is no longer "Christmasy". Removed the Christmas Trees, etc.
  • 10% Lootboost has been disabled.
  • Guild Reward claiming is now disabled.
  • Fallen Light Gatekeeper now has a quest priority on par with other Realm Events dropping raids.
  • Fallen Light Gatekeeper now drops Fallen Raid at a 100% rate.
  • Nerfed scaling on the Cyber Lords minions.
  • Fixed typos in loot announcements, and shows the tier.
  • Christmas items are no longer dropping.
  • Christmas Hats have been removed from the Nexus Shops.
  • Fixed Glittzy Tech Sword not Dropping from Cyber Lord. (UT)
  • Fixed the tooltips for Ability Trackers & Scriptures of Tracking. (They were mixed up.)
  • Moved Ice Cave Snow Golems to the Midlands.
  • Added an Ele Sor Craft. See Ocean Trench changes.
  • Slightly nerfed the drop rate of Ice cave from SnowGolems.
  • Nerfed Snow Golems slightly.
  • Fixed the not working Serenity Projectile.
  • Change to Age of the Dragon Charm. Now curses. (Note: The tooltip with the torii is a little buggy and being worked, but the curse is functioning. WIP.)
  • Ancient Fire Rune is now dropping from Ascended Malphas.
  • Increase Scaling on Queen of Hearts to prevent Insta's.


  • Muted users are now unable to chat in party chat.
  • Muted users are now unable to send party invite requests. (Frequently used to spam after being muted.)

Loot Format

  • Trial items should show up in #raids-and-drops now.
  • Updated the announcements sent when players get UT or above loot.
  • Fixed grammar issues.

Fabled Crate

The new fabled rotation is now in place.

Araki's Saber
Titan's Gem
Suspicious Looking Skull
Corrupted Cutlass
Cheval Trap Dagger
Kismet Seal
Sword of Dark Retribution
The Grand Finale
Enigma Wand
Quiver of the Onslaught
Corruption Spell
Heatblast Trap
Realitytaker Orb
Stonepraise Tome
Reinforced Prism

Trial Sets

  • The shop item set from Krovinger is now fully soulbound, as it can be purchased for Onrane, and is the easiest set to obtain.
  • The two droppable trial sets are now tradeable.

Ocean Trench

  • Added Anchor of the Deep Seas. (UT).
  • Added Anchor of Coral Treasure as an Elemental Sor Upgrade to Deep Seas.
New Anchors

Thanks to TehEnd for the sprites!


  • Introduced priority for STs underneath Legendaries.
  • Color-coded ST's & Trial Items.

Janus & Oryx

  • Fixed Key of Rage (Trap from janus set not dropping)
  • Scaled Janus and minions.


  • Removed Pumpkins & Scarecrows, etc.
  • Removed Christmas Trees, etc.
  • Reduced Price of Kantos Upgrade from 70 to 50.
  • Reduced Item Racking Pricing from 100 Kantos to 70.


  • Snowdenn
  • TehEnd
  • Dog
  • Skullz
  • Arcanuo