RWT standing for Real World Trading is when two users trade in game items in exchange for realworld currencies or equivalent.


How to get started with RWT.

RWT standing for Real World Trading is when two users trade in game items in exchange for real world currencies or equivalent. The most common RWT method is via PayPal or steam balance. Valor regulates this to provide the best experience for all users!

To get started with RWT you first have to link your account. To link your account you have to be in the valor discord after you join the discord select your roles or if you're already in the discord head to #bot then type   /link the bot will DM you with a code and a command to run ingame. Run that command in the nexus and if it's successful the bot should dm you saying it's linked! Now you can RWT!

where you should go to link your account

Example of what the bot should Dm you


Rules for rwting in Valor.

  1. All buyer and seller accounts (anyone participating in #rwt), must have a fully linked Discord account to their ingame account. RWT without a linked account may result in RWT Blacklist or a ban.
  2. Exchanging other game's items (prod, OSRS, etc) is allowed but in the case it's an unsupported game it will receive no moderation support or help if the trade results in a scam. For any supported game's you'll be notified in #rwt-info channel.
  3. All talk in the #rwt channel should be strictly related to RWT offers. If you are discussing a deal, please do so in DMs.
  4. Buying duped/exploited items is allowed as you might not be aware of it, but keep in mind we will take away all the items a duper/exploiter sold if he is found out. It's on you to file a refund with him after that.
  5. Scamming and scam attempts are punishable with a permanent ban both on Discord and on Valor, on all accounts.
  6. Any support of payment plans ( ie. selling an item and paying it off day by day) is unsupported and will not receive support regardless of vouches.
Note - Any decision by a moderator is final. They may ban/punish for reasons not stated here, if they feel your intent is to be destructive or harmful to the server and/or the community. That includes RWT deals that were not followed as per our RWT rules.