Summer: July Update - Premium Testing, Challenge League.

Hi all, as Summer continues, we have some information about ongoing and upcoming events and competitions.

The hotfix 3.9.5 should be out soon or shortly after this article, so make sure to check out the #updates channel in the Discord. 4.0.0 will be closer to the end of the month.

If you haven't submitted a submission to the Spriter Skin competition, make sure to check that out and get those in soon. Info can be found in #events-announcements. DM Avatar or make a general-ticket with your submissions.

Premium Testing

Premium testing is when we open up a separate sandbox server, and allow Premium & above donators to access it.

This session is mostly for the purpose of letting players test sets, but we will be looking at a few options and improvements from during this session. Massive credit to Orbit for his work on the market  & banners. This session has tons of requested player suggestions, so make sure to pop in if you're eligible.

- You can now select in options which combinations of loot banners you would like to pop up.
- You can now choose if you want to see FB and UT drops in chat.
- You can now choose between 3 different chat text sizes.
- You can now choose between "Normal" and "Slim" chat box. "Slim" chat box will make it narrower and text won't go as far right on the screen.
- You can now toggle between seeing all items in the market and only the items you can currently equip.
- Doing /pinv will now automatically create a party for you if you don't lead one.
- Added /pclose. Usable by the leader and will close the party. Alternative to /pleave. 
- Checks larger area for blocks when spawning events to prevent enemies spawning in walls
- Rock Dragon can no longer follow players endlessly. It will always stay inside it's set piece.
- You can now filter market GUI based on item type. For example, Bows or Anchors
- Locked players will now have a unique color on the mini map.

- Changed Ghall and Nexus targets so that abilities/leech/item effects work on them. 
- Made Ghall and Nexus targets respawn immediately upon death.

When: Saturday 8am EST to Sunday Evening EST.

How to access: Anyone with Premium or above will be able to see #prem-testing for access instructions.

Challenge League

Challenge League returns! A brief explanation of what that is; Challenge League is a week to two week event, running on a completely fresh Valor server. Players compete against eachother, inside a special point system in order to win ARs. This server features boosted drop rates & other unique tweaks for accelerated and fun gameplay.

Stay tuned for prizes and modifiers. Challenge League announcements will mostly be through it's own discord.

Date: 19th (Friday Afternoon) - 28th (Sunday Afternoon)

Challenge League Discord

Summer Pack

The summer pack returns! The summer pack is a supporter pack that offers cosmetics.

Images: (Thanks Deviser)

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