Summer Madness: AR Mixup & Challenge League + Donator Changes

Summer Madness: AR Mixup & Challenge League + Donator Changes

Hi all. This Summer will be an action packed one. We'll be bringing back two fan favorites. We will be returning with a Summer AR Mixup to celebrate the end of school, as well as back to school Challenge League.

We have hosted both Challenge League and AR Mixup before, but this year are looking to host both to make a super exciting summer, while the majority of our players have less busy schedules.

We've been going over the Q1 Feedback forms, and are super stoked with all the well thought out and detailed responses. We've made changes to both our ticket queue and moderation style in order to fit our evolving community better. The whole moderation team has been working incredibly hard to improve in both categories, and we hope this is something that will be apparent in the coming months. We're looking to publish this post with our summer plans now, so you have lots of time to get prepared.

Challenge League

Challenge League Discord Invite.

What is Challenge League?

Challenge League, commonly referred to as CL is a separate event server where all players compete over 1-2 week long period. The server is a completely brand new database with boosted drop rates ,and CL Modifiers. In the past Modifiers have been things such a tiered items, different ways to earn currency and much more. Players compete for score which is based on something different every season. At the end of the event, the top winners get big prizes on the main server, which in the past has included an AR of the winners choice.

Modifiers & Tweaks

This Challenge League will in a lot of the ways be similar to past CL Leagues, but with a few major changes based on feedback.

Trading will be allowed for UTs, FBs and Shinable/Ele Sor Legendaries. No other items will be allowed to trade.

Point funneling will be disallowed, and we will disqualify competitors if we feel funneling was involved or used to gain a significant advantage. This doesn't mean that you can't help out a friend, or boost them slightly, but if during the competition or before the announcing of official winners, we feel funneling was used to gain an advantage, we will disqualify those users at our discretion. An official definition of funneling will be included in the Challenge League ruleset closer to launch.


18th of August to 27th of August


Please note that this list may change as we get closer to launch dates.

  • Boosted drop rates on all legendary, fabled and AR drops.
  • Items drop with tier modifiers.

  • Disabled Markets.
  • Reduced requirements for Lost Scriptures, Mark/Nodes.
  • Increased Trial Tokens from all sources.
  • Specialized Challenge League Battle Pass.

Information on prizes will be published closer to the event.

AR Mixup

Ancient Relic Mixup will be returning in the beginning of the Summer, in the end of June to allow for school to finish, in order for as many people to participate and have freer schedules as possible. Mixup will run the full week, starting Friday Morning and ending on the following Friday at Midnight.

Example of past seasons mixup chest, that drops from all bosses that drop ARs.

What is AR Mixup?

Ancient Relic mixup, commonly referred to as AR Mixup, is when all bosses that drop an Ancient Relic, also drop a chest after death. Contained in this chest is a chance for every single AR. This is a very rare event, as the whole goal of the event is to drop ARs.

We will be discontinuing Kings Chest this season, and focusing on what you care about: balanced Mixup Chests.


23rd of June to June 28/30th (Will depend on a few factors, if 5 days or 7)

Anything In June?

June will contain a donator pack, and potentially a summer ranks & kanto sale. We will also run a Lost Scripture Event on a June weekend.

Launch of Patron & New Donator Packages

Due to popular demand and after reading through feedback forms, we've decided to make some changes to our current donator offerings. There will a Kanto & Rank sale over the easter weekend, and also an April Fools/Easter Pack.

This all be available on our shop when it releases.

Ode To Staff Pet Packages

We've had a lot of Staff Members over the years, and they've all contributed to make the Project to what is today. Overtime, a lot of them have faded into memory as they left the team due to having children, moving on to more time consuming careers, or heading off to higher education, so we've decided to celebrate their memory. We're releasing those of Retired Staff, so you can rock the same pack as your favorite retired staff.

Throughout April & May, we will be releasing two pet packs that celebrate our former retired Staff Members. For those of you that aren't aware, while Staff Members are active, they receive a custom staff pet based on their interests. For example, Groovester who posted daily about fast food meal deals received the KFC Generator Pet. Each package will contain roughly four pets of retired staff, as well as a handful of Kantos.

Pets Included (Plus a surprise.)

Produdction Ready Bread Generator 
Bucket of KFC Generator 
Zemagaia's Cursed Snake Generator
Divine's Reaper Generator 
Corgi Dog Generator (Dog)
ScottMans Chattering lobster Generator
Skull of Bitu Generator
TehEnds Companion Simon Generator
Ode To Retired Staff: Pets

Note: Pets of demoted staff members will not be included in the packs.

Custom Pets & Skins

We will be releasing the ability to purchase custom 8x8 character skins and and 8x8-16x16 pets that will be implemented in the production server. You will receive two unlockers, one for yourself, and another for a friend, or you an alt if you don't want anyone else to have it!

We are currently envisioning this as a BYOS (Bring Your Own Sprite), but will list spriters that we've worked with in the past, who would be opening to doing small commissions (payment would be between you and them), if you lack your own spriting talent. Included in this pack, will be the ability to choose your own name for the pet/skin (nothing overly offensive), the development work to implement it, and the two unlockers gifted to your account. We will aim to include any purchases in the next major patch, or hotfix if available.

Patron Supporters: Sandbox Server

Don't have enough time or just don't want to grind all day for ARS? Interested in testing out sets and mechanics before grinding for them on Production, and would also like to support the Project? Our latest offering ticks all those boxes.

Patron will have access to a seperate sandbox server which allows them to test sets, gift dungeon keys, and max/ascend characters. It will operate in a similiar fashion to the /test command from Premium Testing, but will be 24/7 and only accessible to Patron or Pass Holders. Information on how access will work will be available at release.

Note: This does not give access to anything like /give or /max on the main production server. The sandbox rank grants access to a separate server with a separate database, only accessible by patron or monthly access tokens.