Testing Session - February

This is TESTING notes and have been not pushed to the game. This is testing and getting feedback. A feedback form will be posted Sunday.

Drakzix Rework

Drakzix has been reworked to be a more burst damage focused class, allowing for faster charging and increased overall DPS. The siphon drain now drains your MP, with the drain rate increasing overtime, until it starts draining your HP once you hit 5% MP. Siphons now incorporate wisdom as well, with a different drain rate alongside draining HP when charging, for more powerful bursts. The difference with the WisMod addition allows Drakzix to have two different builds, with the overall DPS build being better, and the WisMod build being better burst damage.

Titan Changes

Titan has seen some improvements based on suggestions. UTitan should be slightly shorter and have a little better loot. Run some Ultra Titans during testing. Now with the new items being added to Titan, they are in both UTitan and Normal Titan with lower rates.

Siphon Changes

With this rework in mind, we have also gone ahead and reworked all its items too, specifically its ability, the siphon. Most of these changes have been made to fit the new and hopefully improved class. Alongside these changes, there is a new AR Siphon , The Eye, including enchanted variants.

The Eye, drops from Horrific Dungeon.

( https://imgur.com/a/h54AMuD ) - Here's the link with all the siphon changes and AR Siphon stats.

Dreadcull Changes

We've tweaked the Dreadcull once more, buffing it to give better stats and more of a focus on minion damage. We've also included enchanted versions of it, each with their own unique effects.

Shard Pool Changes

We have listened to much feedback considering the changes with shards, and having more drops instead. As per this, we have gone ahead reworked most of the shard pools, and where their items will NOW drop from. Hopefully with this, grinding the endgame content can feel more rewarding and worthy. Now this also means that being able to shine into these items. But you can still shines the items.

Mind you, this is just testing so feedback at this point is VERY much needed and important.

Shard of the Cosmic Collapse

Overall the shard pool has gone down from 42 -> 29 LGs.

  • Force Between Avex now drops from Corrupted Conjurer.
  • Quiver of Vast Power now drops from Corrupter Conjurer.
  • Platinum Argarius now drops from Fallen Gatekeeper.
  • Eye of Insanity now drops from Fallen Gatekeeper.
  • Dranbiel Garbs now drops from Chronus the Guide. (Fallen)
  • March of the Army now drops from Cerynus the Titan. (Fallen)
  • Vardon's Resilience now drops from Odeus the Titan. (Fallen)
  • Faith of the Angel now drops from Merganus, the Fallen Titan. (Fallen)
  • Moon Crescent Halberd now drops from Merganus, the Fallen Titan. (Fallen)
  • Starmind Gauntlet now drops from Merganus, the Fallen Titan. (Fallen)
  • Hide of Garutious now drops from Garutious.
  • Cloud Edge now drops from Sky Palace first boss.
  • Armor of Anubis now only drops from Anubis Alert.

Shard of the Eternal Fury

Overall the shard pool has gone down from 21 -> 17 LGs.

  • Fury Claws now drops from Ultra Berikao, the Dark Hunter. (Titan)
  • Scorching Scepter now drops from Ultra Scorching Wrath. (Titan)
  • Anguish of Drannol now drops from Ultra Drannol, the Eternal Beast. (Titan)
  • Flames of Purity now only drops from Elemental Phantom.

Shard of the Ancients

Overall the shard pool has gone down from 17 -> 16 LGs.

  • Protector Of Grandeur now drops from Ultra Revil, the Twisted Vanguard. (Titan)
  • Hallowed Shield now drops from Concealment of Dreadnaught. (Replaced with Protector of Grandeur)

Shard of Zol Corruption

Overall the shard pool has gone down from 13-> 12 LGs.

  • The Darkin Skull now drops from Nirux, Vision of Aldragine. (Zol)
Shard Pool Rework.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Mothership is now stasis immune.