Update 3.1.3

We've done some work on Pack Rats. Still giving our best shot at memory issues, and this update is a pretty solid cleanup. We're working very hard to fix the loot issue, and will continue to roll patches as needed.

Pack Rat Bags

Pack Rats now have three tiers.

T1 Pack Rat Bag is x5 stacks of Pack Rat and offers a mixture of keys + scrolls.

T2 Hoarder Bags are two T1 PRB's dragged together in your inventory and contain a chance at single onranes, good keys, onrane cache and even ultimate onrane cache.

T3 Shiny Bags are two T2 HB's dragged together in your inventory and contain a chance at: small sor fragments, tiny sor fragments, onrane cache, ultimate onrane cache, and between 10-30 trial tokens!

With T3 Bag there is a small chance for it to downgrade you to the last bag! These are RAT bags after all! Won't always be treasure.

Note: If you had a stacked to 7 bag, they have been converted into a non upgradeable t1.

Client Changes

  • Loading screen is back in between instances.
  • Doing a lot of work on memory optimization & reducing crashes.


AFTER A LONG TIME - Decoys are fully re-enabled and functioning. We'll be monitoring this for performance, and bugs but seems steady in testing.

Note: As most objects - these do not function in Nexus.

Max Players

We're introducing maxPlayers who can join an instance via a portal. This is pretty common in production, and we're using this to balance out keys, as 150 players should not be in a Gileons.

This is also due to performance, as 100+ players steaming roll a mid tier boss does not perform well due to health, and design.

Current Limitations (Will expand overtime):

Crimson showdown, Gileon, Ancient Depths, Shatters, Catacombs : 75 Plateau, Regolith, Zol Cave: 85 (Subject to change to 75). The Dojo: 30

Note: Raids are still uncapped.

Misc / General Changes

  • Fixed a problem with Fierce Broadsword.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to Cloak of Vic.
  • New Oryx the Mad God 3 map. (Thanks Eskee!)
  • New Fabled Crate rotation.
  • Some Misc Balancing changes to new Realm LGs.
  • Update Description & names of Realm LGs.
  • Tons of new Resprites. (Great work Shmitty! TehEnd also did a few this week. <3)
  • Changes to how Elites handle bags and containers.
  • Smooth out Realm Protector bags for new players.
  • Can no longer Blackscroll in any part of Oryx's Castle run.
  • Realm Protector Bags drop list updated : Genius, Unspeakable, Cata, Garden, Illu, Palace, Basement, Bella, Tunnel of Pain.
  • Tons of misc backend changes.
  • Timeless Seal passive now works correctly.
  • Fix tooltip issues and misc bugs with Premium Lootbox.
  • Slightly increase Garden drop rate from belladona chest.

Note: This is a cleaning & general QoL update as we continue to scale to support new players and clean up problematic spots. Next week is going to be a long awaited update to a core system.