Update 3.3.1 - Serenity the Ripper

Update 3.3.1 - Serenity the Ripper

Hey. Update 3.3.1 has arrived. This update introduces snowdenn as a developer. They will be joining our team as a behavior Developer. We're super happy to welcome them to the team. This is them dipping their toe back into behavior development so to speak, which is why we went with a Challenge Boss. Majority of the sprites in this update are done by BQ, and they look fantastic.

The wiki is currently migrating to a new automatic format and should be available for public beta in the next few days.

The Trials & Tribulations Festival is now over, and the extra bonuses have been disabled.

Credit to BQ, TehEnd, Dog, Skullz, Snowdenn & Rom this patch. Not in any particular order.

We'll be contacting the selected JrMods this week about stepping into their Moderator roles.

Sprite World Changes

  • Limon now spawns a non moving tile underneath him upon death to make collecting loot much easier.

New Challenge - Serenity the Ripper

There is a new Challenge Boss, named Serenity the Ripper. This boss is accessed via Challenges, at a 1/3 chance. This new encounter has two FBs, One LG and an Ancient Relic.

Ancient Relic

Helldom Shell - Β Heavy Armor.

Effect (Will not be active till next reboot.)(Stats will be also available soon.)

Ancient Relic Effect: Unstoppable

When your health is under X %, gain the following buffs:

80% HP = Boosted ATT/DEX (+15 each)

60% HP = Boosted VIT (+50)

40% HP = Armored Effect

20% HP = Healing Effect

5% HP = Protection bar refills to max. (60s CD)



  • There are two fabled drops.

Home Depot & Housing

  • Reduced the price of several beginner / basic materials such as Quads.
  • Introduced more dirt and grass options.
  • Introduced more walls, and placeable objects, plus also made trees slightly more affordable.

Encore Upgrades

  • Introduce two new LGs.
  • Scale the HP & Minions to not be instantly rolled.

Both of these items are dropping from Encore, which is access after Janus, and we hope these will help out certain builds and playstyle.

New Maps

  • Added Home Depot Vendor & White Fountains to the nexus.
  • Updated the grass sprites to be randomized.
  • The Booster Display is no longer inside one of the nexus houses and is now beside the Vial Crusher & Forge Station.
  • Market map updated.
  • Default vault map updated.

Bug Fixes & Misc Changes

  • Can no longer die in houses.
  • Stonepraise has been adjusted/slightly nerfed.
  • Reinforced security for housing.
  • New Fabled Crate rotation is live.
  • Fixed Elite Lootboxes not properly rewarding Scriptures of Tracking.
  • Fixed Scripture of Tracking displaying as Cyber Tracking Augment.
  • Fix Gravestones displaying as Vial Crushers.
  • Janus no longer guarantees a might drop.
  • Reduced drop rate of Dragon Age Charm.
  • Aspects should now properly generate in the Aspect Hall.
  • Introduce light HP Scaling to Malgor.
  • Backend market code clean up. (Might of resolved issues with buying non-loaded items.)