Website Beta - Massive Upgrade

Website Beta - Massive Upgrade

Hey Valorians! With summer around the corner, we are super excited to unveil the BETA of our new redesigned and upgraded website.

The new site is completely integrated with our gameserver APIs & Databases allowing for it to display character & account data. This is the accumulation of all those, "updated tracking' patch notes!

The old website was pretty sparse, and was only a landing page + the donation page. The website is now much more SEO friendly and overall easier to navigate. The navigation bar has links and dropdowns for everything from the Wikipedia & patch notes to discord ban appeal forms. We actually have a staff page this time! Big moves!

All existing client downloads such as the AutoUpdater & manual client download will continue to function as normal.

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Thanks to SirValeron for the awesome background!s


We're launching with 3 different leaderboards to start. Leaderboards will see additions & improvements as we take feedback and see how they perform.

1) Playtime.

  • Displays players from highest to lowest playtime.

2) Gold Balance.

  • Displays players from highest to lowest account gold.

3) Top Guilds.

  • Currently the only Monthly board, displays the top guilds based on guild score.

Updating Your Profile

During our Beta, player/guild profiles must be "discovered" before they will appear on leaderboard. All this means is that to update a profile standings in the leaderboard, you'll need to search for them specifically

We will be implementing automatic placement sorting which will remove the need to search for profiles ASAP.

In order to update a players status in leaderboards, you will need to load their player page. This is temporary.

Elite Icon

Elite Accounts that make their way onto the leaderboard will be signified by a signature Elite Account icon to note their achievement.

Player Lookup

Search Here

The Player Lookup section has A LOT going on. It has four tabs. The first tab Account Stats shows information such as currencies, trial tokens & tracked playtime.

The second tab is dedicated to emotes and is labeled Unlockables. It will display all your owned emotes. We plan to eventually add Pets here as well.

The third Tab is dedicated to Potion Storage. It'll display the currently stored amount in each slot and the users max potions.

Badges & Achievements

Based on Account Progression, different badges & achievements will appear next to the player's name.

Achievements such as Onrane Kingpin & Money Bags are granted for achieving a certain amount of overall Gold or Onrane.

Vouch badges will appear if the account has an associated Discord account and they are a DONOR/VIP. Vouch badges on player profiles will only display non-legacy vouches.

Special Events such as the Christmas Event also have associated profile badges.

The 4th tab will be for Challenge Leagues.

Guild Lookup

This page allows you to search Guilds to check if the name exists, as well as view monthly statistics and progression info about each guild on Valor.

Ban lookups are familiar to guild & player lookups in the way that you enter the username of the player you're looking to check. It will be respond with "User is not banned", or print the reason for the ban.

User Dashboard

All players who have the "Verified" role in the Discord will be able to access [their(?)] dashboard. This is accomplished via Discord & OAuth2 allowing everyone to access their account via discord.

All players who have the "Verified" role in the Discord will be able to access their dashboard. This is accomplished via Discord & OAuth2 allowing everyone to access their account via discord.

Discord Ban Appeals

Generally if you are banned from the Discord, it is very hard to appeal. We have made this much easier by adding a Google Forms. It is found in the Help dropdown menu.

Upgrades / Shop Overhaul

We've launched our new Upgrades page, which is a way for players to support our server and receive non-P2W rewards/perks. Rename Tokens are now purchasable from the website, or with kantos ingame!

The Patrons tab is not yet enabled, nor are all skin/boost packs fully released. These will begin to role out in the next two weeks.

Introduction of Challenge Leagues

Challenge Leagues are temporary servers lasting from 4-12 weeks with a set of goals and modifiers. All players start from scratch and progress from there. This is heavily inspired by PoE Seasons & the Runescape Ironman mode.

These are going to be super cool for a lot of reasons. A lot of people ask us, "When are we going to wipe, or how do I play from the start?" Since we have no plans to wipe the main server, we feel Challenge Leagues are a great way to scratch the itch for truly starting from the beginning. This mode will allow us to test exciting new ideas, or play around with concepts that would never work on the main server but could be a lot of fun temporarily.

We've already started putting out info & dates on Challenge Leagues. You can read more here.