We Sure Love Abilities - 3.1.4

I'm going to go out and say it, if you like abilities, you'll like this one. This is an update focused around abilities & scaling our servers to support the player base.

Almost everyday this week my time has been consumed with trying to scale our servers, but I'm still pretty happy with this update. In all honesty - between the Realm issues, scaling, and DDoS attacks it's been a very stressful week, but we're quickly solving problems and appreciate the OUSTANDING SUPPORT.

Due to the DDoS & Scaling problems - Aspects should be next week, and trial shop + trial boxes should return then as well. Trying to get some much needed trial work done.

General / Misc changes are a little light here - as we've had to roll out multiple midweek patches - so just refer to discord. :)

Trickster Changes

  • Revenant Prism no longer has a decoy.
  • Introduce Commanding Prism. (LG).
  • The Commanding Prism allows you to move the trickster up to five times, which redirects it to your cursor placement upon re-activating ability. It is a special ability. (This is SUPER UNIQUE, and is a lot of fun to play with.)
  • The Commanding Prism is best explained by a tooltip + clip, so you can check out #teasers to see the clip, and we'll have it listed shortly.

Mechanic Turret Update

Turrets are no longer AoE fields, but rather proper Turrets that fire projectiles, which target the closest enemies.

  • All turret shots are multi-hit.
  • All turrets have their own unique wrench, turret, and projectile.
  • Majority of UT/FB/LG turrets ignore defense.
  • We can control variables such as shot time, range, as well any projectile variables.
  • We reworked every turret to fit this new system. Some received damage buffs, and others might need slight work mid-week to put them where they should be.
  • Turrets should be on wiki shortly.

Guild Rewards

Guild rewards are now enabled. You must have 5+ stars and of been in your  guild five days.

  • To claim run /ginfo rewards ingame. For exact reward details - check the wiki.

Other / Misc / QoL

  • Slightly nerf Sky Stone Ring drop rate. (Was very common for an LG.)
  • The Illusionist now drops Commanding Prism - LG.
  • Misc changes to Pets.
  • Fix the realm not reopening bug.
  • Hopefully fix a bunch of high instance crashes.
  • Hopeful repairs to /petsize. (Some pets were too large. Might need another go.)
  • Repair crafting for some aspects. (Garu, etc.)
  • Clean up some enemies that gave infinite fame.
  • Slightly buff the Congealed Ooze. (Initial & overall damage.)
  • Adjust our backend for multi-server support and better controls. (We might need this very soon. Working on it.)
  • Hopefully fix bags poofing. (packrats).
  • Buff Single sors -> Medium in shiny bags.
  • Single onrane removed from shiny bags.
  • Some Endgame bosses such as Heart, Drannol & Aldragine will have slightly longer death phases. We are playing with a "catchup", in order to temporarily resolve the NoLoot issue. (Applies for both ultra and normal.)

Special Hidden Note: Car Pack soon???????????