3.8.0 Battlepass

3.8.0 Battlepass

Hello, Valorians! We are super excited for this update to finally be here. This is quite a large addition.

This is the first look at the battle pass by Sebafra, which we're super happy to present to you. The hope with this system is it will help beginners progress with rewards and "things to do" while offering still respectable rewards for Veterans. It introduces its mission system and is a very large and thorough system, so make sure to check out its FAQ here.

We'll start with some light housekeeping. As you can see, there is a new home screen. Congrats to Shmitty for winning the Valor Background competition it looks awesome.

Battle Pass

Valor Battle Pass
Thanks to BQ and Ohwy for sprites, Seb for coding

Similar to how other battle passes work, but basically you complete your missions and gain XP from level 1 to 100 with every level giving rewards. Some special ones at special milestones. Much more info can be found in the Battle pass FAQ link below.

Balance Changes

Once again we have a couple balance changes in terms of weapons, aspects, and effects.

  • Mercy of Yazanahar: Passive buff is now flat, and is not affected by effects such as damaging. (Could get over a 30% boost when using certain effects, now will not go over 15% anymore.)
  • Alliance Effect nerfed from 80% RoF to 60% RoF.
  • Curse Effect nerfed from 30% to 20%.
  • Aspect of Vamps rework.

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZOJx9RYAZf5Nl_MSJFH0SUZ_HfzPAlpoZfzL5Mb_E7o/edit?usp=sharing (Balance Doc with all Changes)

Pack Rat Bag Changes

  • Removed Pack Rat x1 from Roger Bacon's Drop Table.
  • Standardized how they drop (max 4-5 pack rats per asc, was the case for everything but rifts)
  • The website now shows the total pack rats deposited in your account. (Starting from now.)

Drop rate Changes

After looking at some feedback from #suggestions and #suggestions-feedback. We have gone ahead and tweaked the drop rates of a bunch of items. (Credits to Avatar, Dusodin, Nordic, Shad, Spirit, and many others)

  • Cyber Wand, Horrific Limb, Force of Avex, Quiver of Vast Power, Hide of Garutious, Ferocious Gambit, Earthforce Dice, Nether Blade, Shadow Beacon, Ikari & Kaftan.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • All trials now have a 15-20% chance to drop a Scavenger Crate.
  • Alerts should be working again.
  • Fixed XML dupe tags (Jacket's End, Anchor of Titanic Might)
  • Backpack says 9-16 slots instead of 1-8.
  • The website now has proper sales support.
  • Fixed Phantomic Anchor and Limon's Tail bag types.
  • Fixed bugs with Container Viewer/Vault Viewer, when it showed "ghost items"
  • Changed how Oryx Aspect works (Make a ticket for any errors)
  • Add Enclave hot key.
  • Cleaned up Meteor Wand's description.
  • Added an effect to Dark Green Scrolls. (staying rare for now while we gauge feedback after that will get more drop locations)
  • Sor Crystal crafting now costs 60 frags. (was 50)
  • Fixed Malgoric Charm upgrade description

Dungeon & Realm Changes

  • Further nerfing of overscaled events.

Larry dungeon rework

As per #suggestions and multiple requests. We have gone ahead and reworked the dungeon so it is less of a pain to run. (Credits to Destiny for the suggestion and Snowden for reworking it).

  • Massively shortened the first part of the dungeon.
  • Moved Gradual Incisor to drop from boss now.

Ghost Ship

  • Boss & Minion were scaled to prevent Insta's & take more than twenty seconds total. (Credits to Oddish)
  • Ghost Ship's base HP was increased significantly.
  • Buffed Base HP & Defense of Minions.
  • Now has a chance to drop Event Crates.
  • Now drops the "Spectral Lantern", which is a unique dropping LG Consumable.

Thanks to Ohwy for the sprite.


  • Slightly increased Drop Rate of Lophop.
  • Decrease Minion Scaling by 10-25% per minion.
  • Garg Leechs Bolt (75 dmg -> 45 dmg)