Guide: How to link your accounts

Guide: How to link your accounts

Welcome, Valorian!

In this guide, we'll go through how the linking process works and how to link normal and elite accounts to the same Discord.

If you're only interested in dual linking, scroll past the first section.

Linking your Discord account to your in-game account unlocks a lot of tools and integrations useful for all players.

Here's a list of things only linked players get access to:

  • You can RWT, and get access to our Vouch system.
  • You get access to Refund tickets and RWT tickets.
  • All your market sales are saved, and you can see what got sold while you were away.
  • Easier to set up 2FA on your account. (QR code sent to DMs)

You also get access to more commands, such as:

  • /playercard
  • /pc
  • /sales

Linking a normal account

Step 1

Head over to the #bot channel in Discord and use the command /link

You will be greeted with the following message:

Step 2

Copy the command that was DM'd to you and run it in-game.

If you do not get a DM, you likely have an option turned on in Discord that prevents members from DMing you. Try looking in your Discord settings.

Once this command is run, you should be linked.

The bot will DM you to confirm this:


If you copy the exact code and it gives you errors, wait 30 minutes and try the /link command again to receive a new code. If that also fails, open a bug ticket, and we'll help you out.

Linking an elite account (dual linking)

This process is almost identical to normal linking.

Step 1

Head over to the #bot channel in Discord and use the command /link

You will be greeted with the following message:

Step 2

Press the button "Begin Dual Link process".

You should now get this message:

A code has now been DM'd to you.

Step 3

Login to your Elite account and run the command you got in your DMs


Your elite account is now dual-linked, and you can use it within tickets, create player cards, etc.

If you run into any issues, feel free to open a ticket about it.

You have two options if you wish to unlink your account.

Option 1: Via Discord

You can unlink using the /unlink command.

You can also choose if you'd like to unlink all accounts linked to your Discord, or only your dual-linked account.

Providing no option will default to unlinking both.

Option 2: In-game

You can unlink while in-game using the command /nodiscord

If this command is run on your elite account, only that will be unlinked.

Running the command on your normal account will also unlink your elite account.